The Joseph Blessing Pt 1

Discussion Questions



(A)       What do we mean by “identity”?


Think back over time and remember the words (prophecies, “rhema” words, words of encouragement from people


 (B)           How have they helped you:

(i)                 with your identity?

(ii)               in shaping the way you live?

(iii)             in your relationships? God? Family? Work?


Read Gen 49:22-24  -  Even with all the setbacks encountered by Joseph, He held on to the word God gave him and came into the fullness of blessing.


(C)                          How do setbacks

(i)                 Hinder our growth?

(ii)               Help our growth?


(D)                         Knowing that the “heroes of the faith” experienced opposition and resistance,            what encouragement can we take from the life of Joseph?


(E)                          Which of these do you need to grow in?

(i)                 Godly character

(ii)               Militant spirit

(iii)             Miracles – increase of supernatural

(iv)             Spirit life – flow of anointing

(v)               Soul winning

(vi)             Enlargement


(D)             What aspects of your attitudes and/or lifestyle need to change in order to                                                          establish these?


(E)       What steps will you take this week in order to bring about these changes?