Cross Over to the other side         15 January 2006



Matthew 8: 18.  “When Jesus saw the multitudes he gave commandments to depart to the other side”



Matthew 8:23-34.  Four experiences God has for those willing to crossover.


1.  Opportunity to Exercise and Extend Faith.

: 24.  “Behold there was a great tempest in the sea”.

(a) Divine Shaking


(b) Demonic Shaking


2. New Doors of opportunity.

                  Marriage,                     Business,               Evangelisms,

                  Family,                        Finance,                 Community

3 keys:    (1) Prayer (Col 4:3.  Pray that the door of utterance would open.)

               (2) Holy Spirit open opportunity (2Cor 2:12.  Doors opened to me by the Lord)

               (3) Adversaries (1 Cor 16:9 – many adversaries.)  

Don’t hold back push out to enlarge.


3.  Recognition of Spirit Authority in Christ

(:29) “Behold they cried out.  What have we to do with you?”


4.  Release of Supernatural Power.

Job 22:21-28.  You shall decree a thing and it shall be established.

2 Areas of Miracle to stretch out for

(1) Miracle of deliverance/freedom from oppression/revelation

                  - Man was delivered and released.

Mark 9:23.  All things are possible if you can believe.


(2) Financial situation changed.

                  - Upheaval in local economy when pigs died

                  - Gadarenes involved in raising pigs – forbidden in moral

                  - Power of Spirit greed/covet broken by divine shaking

                  - One situation changed – new ones open

                  - E.g. Joseph – divine wisdom – planned financial enlargement.