The Journey Continues                                       5 March 2006


1.  Introduction


·         Heb 11:8-11.  By faith Abraham when he was called to go out – obeyed – not knowing.

·         Abraham – model of a man who walked by faith – example.

·         Note Key words:


(1)  “Called”                               - Personal calling and mandate from God –Life direction

(2)  “Obeyed”                            - The evidence of Faith – acting on what God say’s

(3)  “Went out, not knowing”    - Adventure, rich, uncertainty

(4)  “He dwelled in the land”    - Commitment to stay in place God called him.

(5) “Dwelling in Tabernacle”     - Progress, change, nothing permanent

(6) “With Isaac and Jacob”        - Reproduction of life/destiny in others

(7) “Heirs with him”                  - Inheritance – promises we receive as result connection.


2.  The Journey Begins 1985


2.  (1) The calling by God and Key Scriptures

Acts 9:16.  - Arise, go into the city – it shall be told you what you must do.

                  - Calling to leave Davk – still unfolding what we must do.


Nehemiah 1:3.  – Great affliction and reproach – the wall of Jerusalem is broken down

2:16 - And I told them of the hand of my God… Let me rise up and build.


Gene 49:22-26. – Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bow by a well whose        branches run over the wall.



2a. (2) The 1st Decade: (Fruit)

(a). Prophetic Teaching impartation                            Fun and Laughter

·         Deliverance                                                     Ÿ   Coffee Bar

·         Loud Music/Life                                             Ÿ   Guy Fawkes

·         Gang members saved                                      Ÿ   Offering Stolen – “catch them”

·         Men’s Breakfast                                              Ÿ   Demon Manifest – Boy/Mother

·         Girls High School - Noise                               Ÿ   Frank Houston

·         Women’s Conventions

·         Healing Broken-hearted

·         Men’s Convention, Ed Cole

·         Home Groups – Laughter

·         Mayor Breakfast

·         Hero’s Conventions throughout the Nation

·         Missions to Tonga/Cook Islands

·         Singapore/Malaysia

·         Purchase Wrightsons grain store

            $320 thousand – used as skating rink

     - barn dance


(b)  The COC Connection                               Stores

·         Connection with Clark Taylor                        Keith – word of knowledge

- Ukraine – now 15000  -Pastor also Bishop over Uk – Pentecostal Church

                - 40 other churches     - over 600million in Bible schools

- Israel

- Hamilton

- Christchurch

- Whangarei


2.  (3) The School Decade (More Fruit)


John 15:2.  “He prunes – brings faith more fruit

-          cells

-          Purpose Driven Life – Equipping

-          G12

-          Apostolic connections


·         Honour – Understand of pure honour – honour of Pastors


Explosion of Mission Activity

-          Taking the supernatural to the nations

-          China Orphan Home

-          Bill and Glenda over 100 trips

-          Equippers and teams to Nations

-          Singapore – Borneo.  – Cambodia. – South Africa. – China. – HK/Ukr. – Malaysia. – Philippines. – USA. – Uganda. – Taiwan. –Indonesia. – Burma. – Canada. –Fiji.

-          Generosity of church in giving to missions in Uganda

-          Thousands upon thousands of people impacted by Bay City.


3.  The Journey continues – “Much Fruit”

John 15:5.  “He that abides in me and I in him the same brings forth much fruit”


3.1 5 Decades of Holy Spirit Restoration.

Eph 4:11-12.  “He gave some apostles, and some prophets and some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers.”

2006+ Ÿ Emphasis on Apostle/Prophetic – teamwork.  (Eph 2:20)

           Ÿ  Peoples Movement – Advance of Kingdom with power into community (Dan 2:44)

Eph4:12.  “For perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry….”

                              = join together.

                              = repair what is broken

                              = restore to proper function


                              = Those who server others, waiting on others.

                              = Those that prepare and present food

                              = The servant of a king – executing commands of another

                              = Those who by Gods command manifest and extend his kingdom.

                  Oikos = household, extended family and carrying the same DNA.

                  Dorna = building, structure.

Key Challenge:

(1)   Bringing forth the “Next Generation”

(a) Next Gen = Young people mentored to take responsibility as house builders (Sons)

(b) Next Gen = People of same DNA working together as a community with common vision, purpose as apostolic direction.

      Acts 13:36.  David served his generation by the will of God.

(2)   Community Penetration – Cross over

(3)   Apostolic Impact in Nation                                    

(4)   Growth numerically…