Walking in Victory #2

Right With God


1.  Introduction:


Romans 5:17  “... much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Christ Jesus”


·         You can reign in life: reign =936= to rule, to exercise kingly power.

·         Key = “Receiving” not “Working” i.e. to receive an empowering from God.

·         E.g. Jesus: Jn.1:14 .. full of grace and truth – enabling power of God.

·         Grace = the empowering of God to overcome sin and fulfil the will of God.

= Everything God calls me to do – I can do it by the grace of God

·         Eph 2:809 By grace you are saved through faith

“process = Hear – Believe – Receive.


►      Faith is the key to accessing the grace of God (power/abilities).

►      Grace enters our life and changes and empowers us.

►      Saved = sogo (Gk) – deliver, heal, provide, protect, make whole, keep safe.

►      We need the grace of God (ability) working in every area of life.

►      Must receive it by faith – by believing and confessing.


·         Galatians 2:21 I do not frustrate the grace of God.

·         Frustrate =114= to set aside, neutralise, do away with something needed.

·         How to frustrate grace? – stop it flowing? – trying to make self right with God.



2.  How To Be Right With God


Romans 5:21 Grace reigns through righteousness – must be right with God – source.


(a)   Peace is the Fruit of Being Right with God … we have access to grow”


Romans 5:1 – 2  “Being justified by faith we have peace with God …”




   Justified =1342= to make innocent, to be made righteous.

►    Righteous =1342= to be right; not crooked, not twisted or perverse.

►    Consequence of being righteous is peace with God.

      i.e. Peace = 1515

      - to join together, set at one again free from conflict

      - to bring to harmony so free from guilt, fear, uncertainty


      Two Results


·         When there is peace with God -

►            You have boldness (Prov. 28:1)

►            You have access to Grace (Ro. 5:2)


(b)            The Gospel Explains how to “Get Right” with God


Romans 16:17  “…for there in is the righteousness of God revealed”


“Revealed” = 601=        To take the cover off something

To open up something previously covered and hidden


·         The Gospel reveals how to come into right relationship with God – be righteous

·         The Gospel reveals the judgement of God upon all ungodliness

·         Notice the growth – from faith to faith

·         Process : Hear Word of God – BelieveConfess what God says

·         Faith does not happen by trying but by believing


(c) You Can’t Get Right by “Trying” to be Good


·         Rom 3:20-25 “By the deeds of the law no man is justified”

·         No one gets right with God by trying hard – “works

·      The Law – reveals sin – it does not empower you

                              e.g. “Wet Paint” – don’t touch

·         It depends upon the flesh – your own ability and effort.

·         It rejects God’s way of getting right (Rom 10: 2-3) – “not submit to it”

·         God’s way of getting right is by faithbelieving – start that way – continue that way.


(d) Example of Abraham


·         (Rom 4:3-8)  “Abraham believed God – it was counted to him for righteousness”

·         Abraham’s actual performance was quite poor – glaring failures





… Notes …

Failed in many areas

-  things God said not to do – he did/ or

-  things God said to do – did a different way



i)  Failed to initiate move - Gen 11:31         ii) Took his family – Gen 12:1

iii)Procrastinated at Haran – Gen 11:31     iv)Went to Egypt – Gen 12:9

v)Lied about his wife – Gen 12:13                                vi)Adultery with servant – Gen 16:2


3.  How to be Free of Condemnation


·                    Condemnation =2631=

-          to judge against, judge worthy of punishment

-          to find fault and failure and sentence to be punished

·                    Most people struggle with thoughts and feelings that condemn

·                    People often ruled by a list of laws; do’s and don’ts; “ought – ought not”

·                    When people feel bad – have to do something “dead works”

-          World – get rid of the laws = lawless

-     Christians      (a) Try harder = defeated, under power of sin  (Devil accuses Rev 12:10)

(b) Believe for Grace of God to empower them


·                    Mt 5:17 Jesus – not come to do away with the law but fulfil it.

·                    Law “Don’t Kill” Fulfil law “Don’t hate” (the seed of murder

·                    Seems even harder!  Higher standard because

-          Power of sin broken – Rom 6:14

-          Access to Grace – Ro. 5:21

·                    Romans 8: 1-4

-          Now no condemnation   (i) In Christ

(ii) Set mind to trust power of God

-          New Law = “Life in Christ = the grace of God empowering

-          Stop trying – learn to believe the Word of God and confess it


Rev 12:10

(i)                  Christ overcame sin

(ii)                Christ is in me

(iii)               His life flows in me!