Walking in Victory #4

Empowered to Obedience


1.  Introduction








2. Our Standing in Christ - Righteous:


Romans 5:1          Therefore being justified by faith we hope. 






However you can:

  1. Frustrate the Grace of God (Gal 2:21 Frustrate = do away with something provided, cancel the operation of, made no effect before God by your own work.
  2. Fall from the Grace of God (Gal 5:4 Fall = to be driven off course, drop out from race.






NB  Your liberty/freedom is for a purpose - good works


3. Our Conduct in Christ - Righteous:


2Cor 6:1. “We as workers together with him beseech you also that you                       do not receive the grace of God in vain.”


a)     In Vain = fruitless, no effect or understanding

b)     Mistake many believers make - God did it all - I don’t have to do anything


a)   Grace = Power to obey

·         Rom 1:5          “Received grace and apostleship for obedience to faith                 among all nations.”

·         For = 1519 = into = to enter into something, a direction.

·         Purpose of grace is to empower you to obey Christ.

·         Don’t say “I Love Jesus, he accepts, he forgives “ can do what I want”

·         Faith and obedience go together.


b)   Purpose of Grace = Godly living =(Fruitful for Christ)

·         Titus 1:11-12    Grace of God has (i) appeared  (ii) teaches us

·         Freedom


a)   World Concept:

·         Do what I want, when I want, how I want, free from any restraint, restriction.

·         People who do this are never satisfied, “never enough”

·         People come into church - often hold world’s way of thinking. 

·         Proverbs 16:25 “What seems right”



b)   Biblical Freedom


What it is not!


Freedom is not lawlessness

Lawlessness = without the law = conscious effect to put aside                              or neutralise law of God

= make Gods Word/ways into something that suits                                          me, suits my life

= Creating false freedom by rejecting any                                                         restraints, doing what I please

= Become a lover of self - self willed.


E.g. Redefine sin = mistake, personality conflict.

E.g. Direction given by leader - “I will go and pray about that”


Turns grace into pseudo spirituality cover for independence, pride, self centred. (Jude 4)


Titus 1:11-12    Grace teaches us to live godly - not tolerate sin.


b)      Freedom is not legalism

=    You have to do this, do that, don’t do that - all external

=    It is a dead form - no power and produces death,            condemnation.



            What True Bible Freedom Is!


            Titus 1:11-12    Grace teaches us = to train us as a child - to live         godly

                                    = to be put into that which you were purposed for

                                    = to be put into something bigger then yourself


Gal 5:13          Called unto liberty only use not liberty as occasion of            flesh but by love serve one another.

                                            - to become part of the family he is building


                        6:18     Free from sin so might serve God

                                    Bring forth fruit to holiness