The Blessing of Giving



1.  Introduction:


·         Genesis 12:2-3 “I will bless you – You will become a blessing – all families of the earth”.

·         This is the first statement of the Great Commission.

·         God desires to bless every area of our life – physically, relationally, spiritually and financial.

·         You must position yourself to receive from God by faith.

·         Faith – expectation based upon the Word of God revealed by the Holy Spirit.

·         God wants us to become a blessing – to give to World Mission.


Deuteronomy 8:18  The Lord gives you the power to get wealth that He may establish his covenant which he swore to your fathers.

·         This is reverence to the covenant of Genesis 12:2-3.

·         For the Gospel to go to nations - $ recourses needed.

·         God gives power to get wealth.

·         The purpose is to fulfill the covenant – bless you – you bless nations.


2.  The 5 Fold Blessing of Giving: 

2 Corinthians 9:6-11 


(1)     Increase return upon what you give.

·         “Giving is sowing” (v6) Abundant sowing => abundant reaping. (v6,10)

·         What you give is a seed, what you receive is a harvest.

·         Proverbs 19:17  “He that has pity on the poor lends to the Lord and he will repay him”

·         Money given/sown to the poor to advance the Gospel is an investment.


(2)     Blessing (Favor) upon all you do.

·         All sufficiency in all things – abound to every good work.

·         Giving opens the way for the favor of God upon your life.

·         Deuteronomy 15:10 – because for this thing (giving) the Lord shall bless you in all your works and all that you put your hands to.

·         Blessing => unusual favor and advancement in life.






No lack.

·         “Being enriched in every good thing” (v11)

·         Temporary shortfalls are part of life.

·         Lack = persistent mobility to provide what is needed.

·         Proverbs 28:27  He that gives to the poor shall not lack.

·         God’s heart is to give to the poor – to provide for them.

·         As we saw in faith we can expect our needs to be met.

·         In God’s way – in God’s time.

NB: This does not mean you can become irresponsible in spending without restraint and running up dept !, and living beyond your means with no budget!


(4)     Open Heaven.

·         “ Always having all sufficiency in all things” (v8)

·         An open heaven means that there is easy access to God.

·         It means answered prayer.

·         It means the presence and favor of God.

·         Acts 10:2-3, Cornelius received a visitation of the Holy Spirit.   - Key characteristics faith/prayer/giving to the poor.

·         Note what the bible says in v31 – “ Your prayers is heard – and knows about your gifts to the poor (remembrance in the sight of God).

·         Prayer coupled with giving gets God’s attention.


(5)     Eternal Reward.

·         He has given to the poor – his righteousness remains forever.

·         Righteousness = right acts e.g. acts of giving to the poor.

·         To remain forever => there are eternal consequencesreward.

·         Matthew 25:34-40 “Come blessed off my Father inherit the Kingdom” – “ as much as you have done it to one of the least of my brethren you have done it to me” (v40)

·         God observes our giving – and rewards it in this life and in the next!


You have the right to confess and hold unto the promises that God has made in his Word to those who fulfill his covenant – “in you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed”