Revelation – Foundation of Supernatural Life


1.  Introduction.


Matthew 4:4.  “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word proceeding from the mouth of God.”


·         Greatest gift God has given us – the capacity to hear from Him, to receive revelation.

·         Many decisions in Life – Bible School – Needed revelation – A Word from God.

·         Proceeding Word: – foundation to live the supernatural life.

·         Proceed = to flow forth, to project.

·         Word = Rhema = a spoken word.

·         Jesus quoting period in Israel’s journey when faced with difficulty, pressure, opposition.

·         Greatest need – to live life based on revelation not circumstances or feelings.


2.  What is Revelation?


Matthew 16:13-19.  “Flesh and blood has not revealed it to you but my Father in Heaven.”


                                       (2) What do you believe?

                              = God disclosed something by Spirit to spirit communication.

Example: Sunday message – voice of the Holy Spirit within, voice of preacher.

Simon = 4613 = To hear.

Peter = 4074 = Petros = a piece of rock.

Roch = 4073 = Petra = a mass of rock

Note 2 Results:

(1)   “Gates of hell will not prevail.” = Ability to overcome demonic opposition

(2)   “Keys to the kingdom” = Ability to release supernatural unto the earth.


3.  Key Facts about Revelation


(1) Revelation is the Foundation of the Supernatural Life

                                       reveals him


(2) Revelation is needed in Major Decisions

                     What for?           Where to live?       What church?     Who do I marry?

(3) Revelation Brings Stability


(4) Revelation Activates Your Destiny.


(5) Revelation Activates Spiritual Conflict

-          Joseph faced difficulty/pressure because of what God had told him.

-          “Tried” = 6884 = to refine a precious metal by fire, work of gold smith.


4.  How Can You Receive Revelation?