1.  Introduction.


Matthew 4:4.  “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word proceeding from the mouth of God.”

            (1)  Understand your calling. (2)  Understand who we are in Christ.                                   (3) Understand what a man filled with the Holy Spirit can accomplish.


2.  The Source of Revelation.


1 Corinthians 2:9-12.  We have received the Spirit of god that we might know the things which are freely given to us by God.


The Works of the Holy Spirit.

        i.            He will teach you. John 14:17-21

·         Teach = 1321 = to talk over with a person in order to instruct them.

·         All things = everything God has provided/prepared for your life.

·         The Holy Spirit is a life coach – v18.  He acts like a Father instructor.

      ii.            He will Guide you.  John 16:13

·         Guide = 3594 = to lead the way; act as a travel guide, pointing out things.

·         Truth = without anything concealed.

·         Holy Spirit = uncovers our lives, motives, passions and giftings.

                         = reveals truth – Gods perspective on Life.

                         = may be offended by that truth unless you are hungry to hear.


    iii.            Holy Spirit will show you Future.  John 16:14

·         Show = 312 = to announce in detail.

·         Things to come = things God has planned for your life;

·         You don’t have time to work the whole life out – the Holy Spirit will progressively uncover.

·         Gods plan for your life are bigger than yours, much greater.

Key One?


3. How is Revelation Received?


1 John 2:27.  “You have an anointing that abides within you …. The same anointing teaches you of all things…”


(a)  Inward Sensations                                  (b) “Outer Limit” Experience

·         Seeing – spontaneous thoughts              Open Visions     2Kings 6:17/Acts 10:10

·         Hearing – Spontaneous words               Angelic realm     Acts 10:3/Daniel 10

·         Feeling – Sensations of release/restart   Visits of 3rd Heaven 2Kings12:2/Rev 4:1-2

·         Revelation can come totally unexpectedly (God Sovereignty works)

·         Revelation will never be contrary to the Word or character of God

·         Revelation can include:

·         Insight to blocks, bondages, attitudes, sin in your own life

·         Insight into Gods plans for your life, decisions

·         Insight into meaning of Word of God

·         Insight into the Spirit world

·         Insight into problems/issues/motives in people

·         Gifts of the Holy Spirit: especially revelation gifts – word of knowledge; discerning Spirit; wisdom.


4.  How to Position Self to Receive?

        i.            Hunger and Desire

Proverbs 2:1-5.  “Seek her as silver, search for her as for hidden treasures”

·         Hunger and desire are key requirements for revelation

·         I must long to connect with God to hear his voice.

·         Passion and thirst draws the attention of God. (2 Chronicles 16:9)


  1. Fasting

Ezra 8:21-23.  “Fast … to seek a right way for us, for our children and for all our substance.”


  1. Meditation

Jeremiah 15:16.  Your words were found and I did eat them…”

·         Meditate = To ponder, revolve over, over in the mind

                              To picture, imagine

·         Meditate on: (i) Word of God.  (ii) Past Works of God in your Life

                                                   Insight?                          Insight?