Planted in the House


1.  Introduction

·         God permits offenses to occur – they are opportunities to grow

·         God sets up situations to test your attitude

Eg 1 Sam 13/15.  Saul/Samuel

Eg 1 Sam 24/26.  David/Saul

·         God watches how you respond with intention to promote you.

·         David refused to avenge himself or to promote himself when he was faced with unfair treatment and injustice.

·         Ps 27:4.  One thing have I desired .. dwell in home of the Lord all the days of my life.


2.  You must be Planted to be Productive.

Ps 92:13.  Those that he planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish..

(a)     Example of Plant.

·         Plants must establish root system if going to be productive

·         Constant transplanting causes them to wither and to die.

(b) Example of Cafeteria

·         Church is a Family not a Cafeteria – not a McChurch

·         Family = commitment, responsibilities, growth and authority/order

·         McChurch = people walk in take what they want – no responsibility/commitment

·         People leave church and became offended – run where no conflict

·         Must face issues and grow not run and blame leaders

(c)  People want “my ministry” – not about you – it’s about God

                                                                              - offended: not recognised;

Planted People are Productive:

Ps 92:13.  Those that be planted in house of God – flourish!

·         Planted = constant abiding in presence of God

                         = rooted and grounded in love of God.  Eph 3:17

·         Church = house of God – expressions of Christ in earth

·         Attitude to church is reflection of attitude to Christ

·         Commitment to Church is reflection of commitment to Christ himself

·         Church are people, flourish people in covenant relationship with God/

·         Flourish = 6524 = to break forth and bloom.

·         Courts of God = places of encounter with Christ/place to overcome evil spirits.

·         Church is a place where we out work your commitment to Christ

·         Fat = blessed, productive, anointed

·         Flourish = fresh, luxurious growth

·         Productive service/great attitude = demonstrates growth/stability


3.  God Sets People into a Local Church.

1Cor 12:28.  God has set the members, every one of them in the body as it has pleased him.

·         Set = 5087= to establish, put in a place for a specific purpose

·         Every = God places you in a local church for your benefit

·         You join the church and it’s a vision not the other way round.

·         Pleased = 2309= to be resolved, purpose, take pleasure in

·         The devil works to remove you from where God has placed you

·         Devils strategy is to offend and uproot you so you remove yourself.

·         He gets to know people = see their faults/lacks/humanly

·         We forget God uses imperfect people and become offended

·         Progression of Offense

i) Spirit closes up (Prov 18:19)              ii) Cannot receive input (Mk6:3)

iii) Isolate self (Prov 18:1)                     iv) Discontent/Critical (Lk 15:2)

v) React to each new or                         vi) Attracted to others offended and

    Perceived injustice – “tuned”                  feed off offenses (Lk 23:17)

vii) Leave in offended state                   viii) Distrust/reserve (Jn 20:25-27)

      unable to see clearly (Lk 24:13-17)

Never leave by reaction – always by revelation.


4.  Overcome Evil with God.

Rom 12:17-21.  Do not avenge yourself – be not overcome of evil.

·         Tendency when hurt, unjustly treated to become offended!

         Pay back          Get revenge        Be angry          Be overcome by evil.

·         Overcome = 3528- Nikao= to conquer, prevail get victory over, subdue by force.


(i)     Jesus – Father forgive them! – Prevailed over evil – prayed

                                                                - forgave

(ii) Cain – Overcome by evil.

-          Started our serving God – offended with God – angry with brother.

-          Consequences:   Cursed – subject to demonic attacks.

Land not produced – potential unfulfilled

Fugitive – defiling, unsettled

Complain – no one understands; out to get me


·         Challenged by God – Take dominion – “Rule” over sin (Gen 4:7)

·         Taking dominion over offense:

Ps 119:105.  They that love thy word – nothing shall offend

                              Acknowledge                    Submit your cause to God 1Pet 2:2

Is 2:2         Release – let go                 Let roots go deeper into the Lord

                              Pray/bless people.