Overcoming Offence


1. Introduction

Luke 17:1.  It is impossible that no offences should come.

·         Part of living in this world – multiple opportunities to be offended.

Romans 12:117-21Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

·         Must overcome the tendency to want to avenge ourselves – vindicate, retaliate.

·         It takes an effort to live peaceably with people – some are very difficult.

·         Overcome = 3528 = to conquer, subdue, get the victory, prevail.

·         We have to do something to prevail over offence.


2. Law or Grace?

Matthew 5:20-24.  But I say unto you… whosoever is angry with his brother.

·         Jesus is teaching the values and lifestyle of the Kingdom of heaven.

·         “To enter” = to experience the blessings and provision of the Kingdom of Heaven

e.g. healing, deliverance, miracles, release of the favour of God.

·         A higher standard of living is requested – heart attitudes and inner life.

·         Righteousness of Pharisees = external or outward appearances only.


(a) * Heart Murder

 Exodus 20:13.  Thou shall not kill – take the Life of another with malice.


* Righteous Anger.


* Sinful Anger



·         Human life is of great value to God – murder destroys that life.

·         Murder begins in the heart with anger = seed/spirit of murder prevails.

e.g. Cain was angry – he killed his brother.  Gen 4:5-8

·         Destructive anger releases a spirit of murder – (1st thru words)

·         Words filled with anger cut, wound and destroy.  (Prov 18:21)

·         That angry person is exposed and manipulated by evil spirits.

·         Sinful Anger.  (i) May be a directed inward – self destructive words

(ii) May be directed outward – crushing those around us.



(b)  Grace that Releases.

Luke 6:31-37.  If you love them that love you – what thank have you for sinners love those who love them.

·         We are called to live by the law of love.

·         “What thank” : thank= charis(gk) = grace = prevailing power of God

·         Grace - the power of God to live a prevailing life.

·         Relationships without love degenerates into mutual expectations/laws

·         Love!  Do good!  Be merciful!  Don’t judge.

·         Need the grace of God.

·         Rewards:  (i) God rewards us.  (ii) Our Identity is established.


3.  How to Overcome Offence.

Acts 24:16.  “I exercise myself to always have a conscience word of offence towards God

                    and towards man.”

·         Exercise = to take effort, to train, to personally prepare so I can be useful.

·         Sometimes easy to forgive – sometimes very difficult.


1.  Recognise You are Hurt

- Pride – we don’t want to admit

- Do you have the symptoms?

- Are you free to bless, to express love?

- Fasting can uncover offence. (Is58-6)


2.  Remember what happened.

- What was said/done?

- What expectation not met?

- What injustice?

- What do you feel?

- Anger letter may be necessary to connect with depth of hurt.


3.  Repent – Change Heart Attitude.

- 1 John 1:9.  Confess you have held offence.

      - Confess ungodly reactions.

e.g. thoughts, negative feelings

e.g. inner vows, anger

- Admit Lack of love.

Heb 4:15-16.  Throne of Grace.


4.  Release Forgiveness

- Make a choice to let go.

- Speak words that release

- Speak words that bless.


5.  Resist New Offences.

- Often vulnerable to new offences

E.g. others come and complain, person continues behaviour,

       May remember and feel hurt.


(a) Bless the person (Matthew 5:44)

·         Smile – release words

·         Pray favour/success


(b) Do an act of Kindness to them.

·         Overcome evil with good

·         Compliment

·         Gift

·         Assistance


1 John 2:14.  We know we have passed from death to life when we love.

·         Love = trust

·         Love = can act positively out of clean heart to bless and benefit that person.