Offended by Authority Figures


1.            Introduction

Matt 24:10.  Then many shall be offended and shall betray one another and hate one another.

·           Last days – major strategy of devil to neutralize Gods people – get them offended.

·           Offense = 4625 = skandalon = a trap stick used to hold bait in the trap.

                                          = scandal = to offend by words or actions.

·           Eg: Joseph – His brothers rejected him, hated him and sold him into slavery.

                                            - His response? Gen 50:20.  You thought evil against me – but God

                                                                Gen 45:5-8 It was not you … but God


2.              4 Key Principles need to Recognise.

(i)              God permits offenses to come – it is part of the maturity process (Luke 17:1)

(ii)            God will arrange appointments to come to see what is in your heart. (Luke 4:1)

(iii)           How you respond to authority figures reveals what is in your heart. (Matt 12:34)

(iv)          God will provide grace to enable you to overcome injustice/offense. (1Cor 10:13)


David’s Background:

·           David was anointed to succeed Saul as King (1Sam 16:13)

·           David was appointed to be a musician in Sauls court. (1Sam 16:18)

·           David killed Goliath and delivered the nation. (1Sam 17)

·           David won: Right to kings’ daughter.  Friendship with Jonathan.  Fame (1 Sam 18:17)

·           Sauls response: Anger.  Jealousy.  Hatred. (1Sam 18:9)

·           Sauls unjust treatment of David

(i)         Tried to kill him with a Spear (1 Sam 18:10)

(ii)        Tried to kill him by manipulation (1 Sam 18:17)

(iii)      Took his wife and gave her to another man (1 Sam 25:44)

(iv)      Killed those who helped David (1 Sam 22:7)

(v)       Pursed him as “most wanted criminal” (1 Sam 23:14)

·           David had every reason to be hurt, offended, angry and bitter.


3.              The Reactions of an Offended Heart

·           People are offended by injustice and by perceived injustice

(a)       Words revealed what is in your heart

·         Prov 18:21.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue

·         Prov 36:22.  The words of a talebearer are like wounds

Talebearer = 5372 = To roll to pieces, complain, slander, back bite.

·         Prov 16:27.  An ungodly man digs up evil in his lips a burning fire.


(b)     Evidences of Offense against Authority Figure

·            Resist relationship and openness to Authority

·            Misrepresents – partial truth from own perspective, with wrong spirit

·            Self-Justifying – convey appearance of being victims of injustice

·            Criticize and accuse

·            Sow discord and separation. (Prov 6:16-19)

·            Release of spiritual attack against leader (Ecc 10:20/Jam 3:14-16)

Prov 6:16-19.  “ These things the Lord hates…they are an abomination to him”.


4.              The Response of a Pure Heart.

Example of David – God set up 2 opportunities to Reveal Davids heart

(i)         1 Sam 24:4-12.  Test of his personal attitude to Saul.

(ii)        1 Sam 26:7-21.  Test of his attitude to the offense of others

Note: God permitted these opportunities – same cave/deep sleep (1Sam 26:12)

·  Davids Response:

(1)       Recognised God as the source of delegated authority. (‘Lords anointed’)

(2)       Submitted in heart to Gods delegated authority (‘My Lord’)

(3)       Refused to react or harm Saul (vs6, vs10)

(4)       Resisted attempts by others to harm Saul (vs7) ‘Stayed’ = to split, tear in 2

(5)       Resisted justifying or spiritualizing any attack on Saul

(6)       Appealed to Saul for justice.

(7)       Trusted his cause to God

(8)       Overcame evil with Good – showed kindness to Saul’s’ family

·           King Saul had also treated David’s wife Michal unjustly.

·           Michal became offended, bitter, Despising, Accusing

·           2 Sam 6:23.  Consequences – she became barren – no fruit, not just physical barrenness – but spiritual and relational barrenness.


5.              God Provides Grace

·           Rom 5:17.  Receive abundance of grace.. Shall reign in life.

·           Whatever injustice or perceived injustice God gives grace

·           Key Issues:  Are you harbouring offenses to authority figure?

·           What is your reaction to authority (delegated)?

·           How do you respond to offenses of others to authority?

                           NB David did not permit them to rise up against Saul!

Response:                           Repentance

                                              Release Forgiveness

                                              Renew Attitude/Words/Actions