1. Introduction

    Genesis 12:2-3.  I will bless you – in you all nations of the earth will be blessed.

      - Opportunity to stretch your faith – empowered to give.


2. Gods Passion for People.

(a)        Looking ahead – The Future

            Rev5:9.  You have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every kindred and                               tongue and people and nation and have made us….

                           People gave, sacrificed, laid down their life for the Gospel

(b)        The World Today – Darkness

·         Spiritual Darkness                      Plant Churches

·         Lack of Leaders                         Equip Leaders

·         Poverty                                       Assist poor

·         Disease                                       Care for the sick

·         Ignorance                                   Educate next Generation

                   = Called to reach out and touch poor oppressed, and weak

·         The World is Gods (Ps24:11)  He owns it – He has the solution

·         Gods answer is the Church

·         This is why God saved you

·         Represent him – ambassador – heart – speech – act.

·         Carry his heart, his compassionlove for people

·         E.g.  Indonesia  – Story of David  – Story ransomed Children  – God wants your heart

·         Ps 10:14 – helper of the fatherless

·         James 1:27    - pure religion


Discussion Questions




1)      Which of the 5 Giants are you drawn to be involved in?

                         - Which giant do you find most challenging?


2)      How are we giving out locally each week?


3)      Where are you sent?  To who are you sent?

                        - How are you showing Gods love to them?


4)      How do you want to help in the mission field?

         a) Go   b) Give money c) Pray   d) Support those who go

                        - Do you want to go?

                        - If so, what stops you?

                        - How can we help you to go?