Embracing Your Mission


1. Introduction

·     1Sam17:29.  “Is there not a cause?”

·     Whole nations intimidated, in bondage, not realising potential, calling

·     v24Fear – to show awe, honour, be totally intimidated

·     “A cause” – something bigger then yourself

                      - something to give your life to fulfill, invest in.

                      - the cause of Christ – impacting the generation we live in

·   Not become a Christian to – sit in church, live good life – but for a cause.

·   Cause of Christ – winning the hearts and souls of man.

·   What are you living for? What passion moves you?


2.  Every Believer is a Missionary

·     Missionary – not in the “old style” of word.

·     Man with a mission – a cause to live for – something to accomplish.

·     You have an assignment from God

·     Jn20:21.  As the Father sent me – so I send you.

·     Sent: 649 = Apostello = Apostolic

                    = to order a person to go to an appointed place

                    = to send to a place and a people with an assignment

·     5 Key Facts

1)      God has chosen You

      Jn15:16.  “You have not chosen me – I have chosen you”.

·         Chosen = 1586 = to pick out and select from a group.

·         Ordinance = 5087 = to set aside, appoint for a purpose


2)   God has sent you (on an assignment)

Jn20:21.  “As the Father has sent me so I send you”.

·         You are sent to a people and to a place

·         Business, school, neighbourhood, profession, workplace, sports team and             media.


3)   God has a mission (assignment) for you.

a)      Represent him – Mt10:40

b)      Accomplish Task – Eph3:10


4)   God will release resources for your mission

      Ps68:19.  “daily loads us with benefits”.


5)   You must keep your mission in mind!”

·         Navy Seals – What is your mission? – “Sir, Great Commission Sir”.

·         Terminator 3 – What is your mission?

·         Mission first stated in Genesis to Adam

·         Mission expanded through the Bible

·         Gen1:26-28:

(i)     Express the Gifts, passion and Life of God – (“Image”)

·         Jn7:38.  “Out of your innermost being shall flow rivers…”.


(ii)      Overcome Difficulties and Opposition – (“Dominion”)

·         Ps8:6.  “You have made him to have dominion”

·         2Cor2:14.  “Thanks be to God who always carries us through”.

·         Phil4:13.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.


(iii)     Fulfill Your God – Given Dreams – (“Fruitful”)

·         Jn15:16.  “Chosen you to bring forth fruit”.

·         Wherever God has placed you!


(iv)     Increasing Impact and Influence – (“Multiply”)

·         Acts19:10.  “All that dwell in Asia heard the Word of the Lord”.

·         Acts19:20.  “So mightily grew the Word of the Lord and prevailed”.


(v)      Leave a Legacy – (“Replenish”)

·         Jn15:16.  “And that your fruit should remain”.


NB.  Acts13:36.  David served his generation by the will of God.

·         David embraced the mission – assignment God had put in his heart in the generation he loved.

·         Now – 21st century – New Generation

·         Served = to be an oarsman at the lover level.

          - one of many

          - all worked together

          - roaring to the drum beat of the Holy Spirit

          - changed course of History