Lift Up Your Eyes #2

The Power of Choice


1.  Introduction:


Genesis 13:14  “Lift up your eyes from the place where you are”.


* Potential limited by lack of vision

* Came with expectancy to receive

* Came to the one who could give vision

* Vision connected to worthy with God

·             Your vision is your future – what do you see?


2.  Choices Determine Future:


Joshua 24:15  “Choose this day whom you will serve – as for me and my house …”


·             The greatest freedom God has given is freedom of choice

·             Choice => able to decide between different options

·             Once choice made – you cannot escape its consequences – (only make another choice)

·             Choices you make:

 * Reveal your character – who you are.

             * Determine your destiny – where you are going

         * Determine your legacy – what you leave the next generation

·             Today => Result of yesterday’s choices

·             Tomorrow => Result of today’s choices

·             Make choices to build your character and leave a legacy

·             Good choices = Long term benefits, not short term pleasures

·             Deuteronomy 30:19 “Choose life – that you and your seed may live”


3.  Faith Sees God’s Possibilities:


·               2 Cor. 5:7  We walk by faith – not by sight

·               Walk by sight = focus on circumstances, feelings – what we can see

·               Walk by faith = focus on God’s possibilities – what could be

·               Only the life of faith is the life that pleases God

·               Faith arises in heart as hear and respond to God’s voice





Example of Abraham and Lot:


Gen 13:2-18

V10  Lot lifted up his eyes – saw with natural eyes

V14 Lord said to Abraham … lift up your eyes – saw with eyes of faith

·         Each made choices according to how they saw – Vision

·         Each choice had long term consequences that were unforeseen

·         The trigger point for choice was “strife-conflict” vs 7.


Four Important Lessons from Lot’s Failure


1.        Recognise and Honour the Source of Blessing

·         Jer. 29:11 I know the thoughts I think towards you … peace …hope

·         Lot failed to recongise the source of blessing and success

·         Lot failed to consider the Kingdom of God (Mt 6:33)

·         Lot saw through natural eyes v10 – 11


2.        Appreciate and value association with those God is Blessing

·         Gen 12:3 I will bless you

·         Blessing flowed to Lot through connection to Abraham

·         Blessing flows to us through connection to the local church (Heb 10:38)

·         Impacts character, finance and family.


3.        Seek counsel of God on major decision (or godly people)

·         Prov.3:15 Trust in the Lord with all your heart

·         Ps 1:1 Blessed is man walking not in the counsel of the ungodly

·         Lot failed to seek any direction


4.        Put Relationship before Personal Comfort – Release Mercy and Grace

·         Rom.12:18 As much as lies in you live peaceably with all men

·         Lot wanted to proser more than cared for Abraham

·         Abraham trusted God to be able to fulfil promise

·         Eph 31:32


5.       Unexpected Consequences of Godly Choice:


Abraham                                                                                 Lot

Credibility and Influence (known throughout the world)        Credibility lost

Family Blessed (blessing of Abraham)                                     Cursed

Character strong (Father of faith)                                            Incest

Able to help others (Saved Lot)                                              Captured

Legacy to generations (all nations)                                         None