Lift Up Your Eyes


1.  Introduction:


·         New Year - new challenges, new things – need vision.

·         Mark 10:46-51  “What do you want me to do for you – Lord – my sight”.

Dissatisfied with current Situation.               • Personal - character

      *  Cry of Faith – reached out to Christ.          • Family

      *  Cast weary garment – beggars cloak.     • Finance

      *  Bold expectancy of miracles from God.  • Nation



2.  Lift Up Your Eyes:


(i)                 New Opportunities:


·         Genesis 13:14  “Lift up your eyes from the place where you are – all you see I will give.”

·         Land = Promises of God.

·         Your vision is your future – need to see/hear what God wants to do.


(ii)               New Refreshing of The Holy Spirit:


·         Genesis 21:19  “God opened her eyes and she and she saw a well of water”.

·         Well => waters => Holy Spirit life flow.

·         Life of God flows to those that are thirsty and expectant.


(iii)              New Obedience and Provision:


·         Genesis 22:4  “On the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place”.

·         V 13  Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked, behold, he saw a ram.

·         Rachael’s obedience  - where does heart really lie?

·         Obedience is a choice of faith.


(iv)            New Relationship with Lord (Bridegroom)


·         Genesis 24:64 “And Rebecca lifted up her eyes, when she saw Isaac”.

·         Isaac => Jesus Christ

·         Fresh call to intimacy – love for Jesus, depending on Him.





New Breakthrough from Past invernesses  (Esau)


·         Genesis 33:1  “Jacob lifted up his eye and behold Esau came”.

·         Jacob gripped by fear – wrestled for breakthrough.

·         Touch of God.


(vi)            New Authority through Surrender:  (Man with Sword)


·         Joshua 5:13  “And he lifted up his eyes and looked and behold a man with sword”.

·         Called to yield to purpose – not use God for our purpose.


(vii)           New Harvest of Souls:


·         John 4:35  “Lift up your and look at the fields – white to harvest.


How to lift up your eyes:


·         Focussed time with the Lord.

·         Assess where you are currently at.

·         Bring cream of life before God.

·         Ask Him to give you a vision – show what he wants.

·         Set some goals – clear achievable steps of growth.

                                 -  build your future, not want from it.