Dominion – Releasing Grace


1.         Introduction

·         You were made for dominion = to prevail over difficulties, set backs and obstacles.

·         “Can do” = 2480 = to prevail, get the victory, exercise force.

·         “Strengthen” = 1743 = to empower, increase strength

                                 = window of opportunity to take action and see results.


2.         Offences are inevitable

            Offence = 4625 = a trap-stick, occasion to stubble/fall

                          = a person or thing which cons someone to get entrapped into error.

- Many = 4183 = Multitudes of people

- Characteristics of end times – people offended – betrayed of relationships


Examples in New Zealand


Racial Tension/hate



Victim Culture

Church hopping


Broken Families

Reaction to Connection

Tall Poppy Syndrome


Matthew 18:34-35.  Delivered over to the tormentors – evil spirits.


3.         God Empowers Us to Overcome

- Grace of God is the key to prevailing over offences, difficulties.

- Grace = enabling power of God given to us by faith.

- Whatever the situation, conflict – you can prevail over offences.

- The key is to be able to access the grace – Life giving Power of God.

·         “Pride” = self confident, self reliant.

·         “Resists” = 498 = antitassomai = to range in battle against

= to position self so that you can oppose and resist.

·         You cannot receive the blessing/advancement of God if you harbour pride.

·         Pride = cannot admit failure, wrongdoing, lack

= denies, minimises, covers up, blame shifts.

·         God gives grace to the humble

- Humility – often confused with religious pride, false humility.

- True humility – agrees completely with Gods word and perspective and submits to Him in word, attitude and action

- True Humility can approach God boldly – because God says to. 

Hebrews 4:15.  Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of Grace.


4.         7 Key Actions to Release Gods Grace.


James 4:7-10

1)      Submit to God.

2)      Resist the Devil

3)      Draw near to God

4)      Change sinful behaviour

5)      Change heart attitude

6)      Grieve over Impact of Sin

7)      Humbly submit to Gods process/timing


“Faith” – Believe you will receive.



1)      “Devil will Flee” – Victory over demonic harassment


2)      “God will draw near” – changed spiritual atmosphere.


3)      “Lord will lift you up” – Promotion and advancement.