Blessed to Become a Blessing


1.   Introduction

(1) “I will bless you” – (Privilege)

(2)  You will become a blessing – (Responsibility)

(Top line – what you receive)       -           It will bless you         Ps 67:1-2

(Bottom line – what God Receives)  -      You will become a blessing

                  Forgiveness (Mk11:25)  -        responsibility to forgive others


2.   Men who become a Blessing

              i.      Joseph : Gen 41:33-40            Nation Egypt blessed by Joseph prophet insight

            ii.      Daniel : 1 Sam 17:45-46         Nation Israel/Nations blessed by Daniels victory

          iii.      Daniel : Dan 6:25-28              Nation impacted by Daniels deliverance

          iv.      Esther: Es 8:16-17                  Nation impacted by Esther’s wisdom


3.   The Blessing of Abraham is Ours Too.

      (a)  The Gospel was preached to Abraham

            Gal 3:6-9         Preached the Gospel to Abraham saying “In you shall all Nations                                        be blessed”

·         How a man can be justified – made right with God

·         Abraham heard the Word of God – (believed) separated from old life

·         Faith – we believe and obey the Word of God.

·         People of Faith are blessed as Abraham was

·         God blesses those who believe not who “try hard”

(b)  The Blessing of Abraham is Ours

      Gal 3:13-14     That the blessing of Abraham come on the Gentiles through faith

                                i.            Justified – made right, innocent before God

                              ii.            Peace with God = 1515 to be made one again, in harmony (Rom 5:1)

                            iii.            Access to God = to draw near to a new way of life (Rom 5:2)

                            iv.            Positioned as Son in Family of God and heirs (Gal 14:5)

                              v.            Receive the Holy Spirit (Gal 3:14)

·               This all positions in to having a life that impacts others


4.         Blessing Comes with Responsibility

            (a) Acts 1:8      “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come                                                               upon you”.  

·           Top line : “You shall receive power”

·         Bottom line : “You shall be witnesses”

·                     “Shall be” = to exist or to live or be in a place for a purpose

·                     Witness = 3144 Martyr - Person who is able to testify

                                                  - Person who gives his life for a cause

·                       Power is always connected to mission

      (b) Mk 10:45   The example of Jesus

·       Son of Man came not to be ministered to but to minister and give His Life as a ransom for many.

·       Give = to give something to someone, provide what they need.

·       Ransom = the price needed to release or loose someone.


            (c) Every Believer is called to “Be a Blessing

·         Phil 2:5           “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus”

·         Mind = opinion, attitude affection

·         i.e.       A mind to give, to serve, to become a blessing to others.

·         How?  Pray                                         Available to listen

                  Kind Acts                               Giving Money

                  Words of Encouragement       Operating in the gifts of the Spirit

                  Hospitality                              Sharing Christ

                  Sharing what you have           Excellence in all you do


(d) E.g.  Bay City 2005 – Will be a Blessing to over 35,000 people


·         Nations            Fiji         -100s             Uganda   - 100s     Indonesia - 100s

                              Vanuatu -100s             Malaysia - 100s     Singapore - 100s

                              USA      - 100s                        China      - 100s     HB            -100s

Discussion Questions


1)            In what ways has your life been re-directed since last week, to become a blessing to others?

-          What shift or adjustment has been involved?

-          What struggle or difficulty, if any?


2)      Go around the group and share briefly about a time God wanted to bless you and     benefit you, but you struggled to let go of something.

                              -     How did you feel?

                              -     What was the outcome?


3)      What impacted you in the Sunday message?


4)      What was the ‘message within the message’ for you personally? (i.e. God will           quicken or speak something to you from within the message)

                             -      How does the Lord want you to act on that?

                             -      What positive or negative inner response does that cause?

         The Lord watches what we do with what He speaks to us, to see if we will produce             any fruit.  Only then will He give us more.


5)      How can we as a group encourage and help you to act on what God is calling you to            do?


6)      What could we do as a group to become a blessing to others?