“Blessed to Become a Blessing”4

Sunday 13 March 2005



1.            Introduction


1.            I will bless you (top line)

2.            You will become a blessing (bottom line)


1.            Faith – believed and trusted God

2.            Separated from sin

3.            Walked in obedience

Blessing came when he aligned himself with the purpose of God.

·         He became an Ambassador (v3) person who represents a sovereign state in another country.

·         He became a Missionary (v4) person sent with a mission to fulfill.


Encounter       – resulted in mission – focus, direction and eternal benefit

                        - extent of that mission? – all families of the earth.


2.         Heart of God is to Give and to Send


(a)          Jesus was Sent

Jn 3:16 “For God so Loved the world He gave”

·         Heart motivation of God is Love

·         Love gives – takes action that brings blessing and benefit to others

·         Love sends – empowers people to bring blessing and benefit to others

·         Luke 4:18 “He has sent me to heal the broken hearted …”

·         Sent = apostello = to send on a mission, fulfill a purpose

·         Core of that mission is to bring blessing to broken lives.


(b)       Jesus Sent the Disciples

Mk 3:14 The disciples were called

·         Called them “to be with Him” = to encounter the life of God

·         Had purpose that might send the = commission to impact the world

·         Encounter with God – ultimate purpose is mission

·         Mt 9:36 – 10:1 Moved with compassion – send workers

·         “Compassion” - God is stirred by the needs of people – sheep without shepherd.

o   God wants to intervene and bring blessing to lives

o   Core need is a people he can send!


(c)        Church must move from Encounter to Mission

Mt 28:18 “I am with You – Go – make disciples”

·         Jesus last commandment – not a suggestion

·         Ignorance is no excuse

·         Command remains in force until cancelled or fulfilled?

·         We are called to go – Ambassador / Missionary

·         What excuse will you make?

·         Military                        What is your Mission?

Church – What is your Mission?

·         Mission gives purpose and significance to your life.


3.         What Excuse will You Make?

(a)        Moses Made excuses – God Sent Him

            Exodus 3:7 – 10 “I have seen – I have come to deliver – I will send you”

·         Encounter with God is for purpose of mission

·         Excuses!         Vs 11 Who am I? 

Vs 12 What say?

V4:1 Want to believe

4:10 Not able to speak

4:13 Someone else!

·         God empowered him to fulfill mission in spite of lacks


(b)       Gideon-made excuse – God sent him

            Judges 6:14 Go! – I have sent you

·         Encounter with God is for purpose of mission

·         Excuses!  V13 where are the miracles; v15 Too poor; v15 youngest

·         God empowered him to fulfill mission in spite of lacks.


(c)        Jeremiah made excuse – God sent Him

            Jer 1:5-7 Go to those I sent you!

·         Encounter with God is for purpose of missions

·         Excuses!  V6 Can’t speak – too young

·         God empowered him to fulfill the mission is spite of lacks.


Pattern:          Encounter = Mission

e.g. Is 6:8 Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?


e.g. Paul Acts 26:16 -17 Appeared for this purpose – Now I send you!

·         Church is called to encounter God and embrace mission

·         Mission is beyond or community – local and global

·         God uses ordinary people to represent Him – 1 Cor 1:26 – 28

Speak for Him

·         Example William Carey.