All things are possible.


1.  Introduction


Mark 10:27…”for with God all things are possible”

Mark 9:23…”all things are possible to him that believes”

·         Faith is the channel by which the power of God is released into the earth!

·         If you believe … all things are possible.

·         Finance; creativity; souls saved; healing; resurrection.

·         There are endless possibilities where faith is present.


2.  The High Cost of Unbelief.


Mark 9:14-29.  The Miracle of Deliverance.

(a)  Children can be demonised

·         The young boy was bound by an evil spirit.

·         Evil spirits can enter into children: v21.  Child = infant

·         Evil Spirits can be recognised by their manifestations


   Sickness – deaf/dumb                               • No fear – awareness of danger

   Physical limitation, ADD/Confusion        • Preoccupation

   Self destructive behaviour                        • Fear/Nightmares

   Reaction to Anointing                              • Cannot retain the Word

   Cannot receive revelation

NOTE:   The disciples were unable to get the child delivered.  i.e No healing, no deliverance, no breakthrough as in other areas.


(b)  Unbelief blocks Divine Healing/ Deliverance/ Miracles.

·         Jesus response: Rebuke the unbelief

·         V19: “Faithless generation”

·         The whole city was dominated by a spirit of unbelief

·         The spirit atmosphere controlled the people’s mind/attitude

·         Everyone was impacted – including the disciples

Mark 5:5-6.  Atmosphere in Nazareth – saturated with unbelief

·         “Could do no mighty work”

·         Worked with those who were receptive.

·         Unbelief - establishes mindsets

                           - Ways of viewing life

                           - Blocks the flow of miracle power. (Mark 6:5-6)

                           - holds us back from our spiritual inheritance.  (Heb 3:12)

            Evil = 4190 = to have a hurtful or harmful influence.

-    Causes us to draw back from living Faith lives. (Heb3:12)

-    Depart = 868 = to withdraw self, stand away from, stand at a distance

-    Causes us to be hardened (dry, parched) (Heb3:13)


NB.  •  People think it doesn’t matter if you have faith or not provided their conduct is ok.

·   Result – form of religion without power!

·   Heb 11:6.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Must break out of unbelief and into a new level of faith!

Mark 9:23.  If you can believe – Jesus uncovers the problem

                    Unbelief blocked the miracle – “Faithless Generation”

Matthew 17:19.  Why could you not cast him out – “Your unbelief”


3.  Key to Overcoming Unbelief


(a) Why Christians get into unbelief

- Ignorance of how God works.  E.g. 2 Kings 5:11.  Naaman offended

- Disappointment – didn’t go as expected e.g. Luke 24:16.  Disciples

- Tradition – ways of thinking.  Matthew 7:23.

- Passively – yielding to the spiritual climate.  James 1:22


(b) Keys to Defeating Unbelief

          i.            Mt 17:21.  Prayer: bold, strong, assertive

        ii.            Mt 17:21.  Fasting

      iii.            Rom12:2.  Renewing the mind

Meditation of the Word of God (1Tim 4:15)

Remembering what God has done.  (Ps 77:11-12)

      iv.            Heb 10:23.  Speaking the Word of God

        v.            Heb 3:14.  Fellowship with men of Faith/testimonies

      vi.            Lk18:1-8.  Perseverance –push on and do not quit.


All things are possible to him that believes.