The Power of Your Confession



1.  Introduction:



Hebrews 11:13  “Having seen them afar off where persuaded of them, embraced them and confessed”.


The Life of faith that pleases God is based on our response to the Word of God.

·         Men of faith responded to the promises of god in a particular way.

·         Promise = A living word from God declaring His purpose and provision.

·         Bible abounds in promises to those in relationship with God.

·         Men of Faith:       (i)  “Saw the promises afar off”- perceived what

                                           God wanted to do.

(ii) Were persuaded = 3982 = convinced, make  friend of, trust, rely, to yield to.

                                    (iii)  'Embraced' =  782  = to enfold in ones

                                           arms, welcome.

                                    (iv)  'Confessed'  =3670  = to acknowledge,

                                            speak same word.

                                    (v)   Acted on what God had said to them.



2.  Hold Fast a Good Confession:



     Hebrews 10:23  “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith”.       


·         Profession” = 3670 = homologia = to say the same thing.

            =>  Not just to repeat something you heard.

            =>  Speak forth words that God has sown into your heart.

       =>  You believe and embrace what God says with all your heart


·         By agreeing with God's words you come into alignment with His will.

·         God wants you to see it, know it, feel it, speak it, act on it.

·         Holds fast             =  2722 = to seize a stronghold, possess.

·         God wants us to hold fast to what He has said.

·         “Without wavering”      = 186 = without wearing away, turning to flight,

ie. To hold fast the word of god until it is fulfilled in our lives – example = Bulldog;



6 Reasons to hold fast a Good Confession:


(iJesus acts on Words of Faith.


      Hebrews 3:1  “He is the Apostle and the Priest of our profession”.


·         Apostle                =  652 = one who pioneers, lays foundation, breaks

                                                   through, a delegate.

·         High Priest            =  749 = one who stands before God the Father

                                                   acting on behalf of others.

·         Our profession    = 3671= homologia = Speaking what God Speak.

·         When your heart and mouth hold onto the Word of God, Jesus can act on our behalf. 


(iiAngels act on Words:


Psalm 103-20:  “Angels that excel in strength that  do His  commandments, hearkening unto the voice of His Word”.


·         Angels are ministers (servants of God) that accomplish His will.

·         Angels are sent to minister to believers.

·         Angels hearken => hear and act on the voice of His Word.

·         Giving voice to what God has said without doubting, empowers angels to act on our behalf.



(iiiDemons act on Words:


      Ecclesiastes 10:20:  “The birds of the air shall carry the voice”.


·         Evil Spirits are empowered  and activated by words spoken.

·         E.g.  Ephesians 4:26,27:  Believers are warned not to give opportunity to the Devil by becoming angry and uttering negative words.

·         “Neither give place” = 5117 = topos = legal ground, foothold to                                                          expand influencing.

·         E.g. 1 Corinthians 10:10  “God's people were destroyed by the destroyer, because of attitudes and words spoken”. 



(iv)  Your Words carry Spiritual Power:


       Proverbs 18:21  “Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue”.


·         Words can welcome life or death it can impact people and    circumstances.

·         E.g.  A child can be deeply impacted by spoken words.

·         E.g.  John 6:63  Words the Jesus spoke are Spirit and Life.



(v)  Your Words can Snare Your Soul:


Proverbs 18:7  “A fools mouth is his destruction, his lips are the snare  of his soul”.




(viYour Words can Form Your Future:


       Hebrews 11:1-3   This is a chapter of men of faith and their life.



=  they transformed the period they lived in by holding fast to the Word God had spoken to them.