Royal Priesthood #4

Tabernacle Prayer


1.  Introduction:


Hebrews 13:5  By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise continually, that is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.


     Every believer is called to be a priest to God   with a strong affective prayer life.

         Sacrifice = 2378 = to breath hard, costly offering  effort that costs you.

i)        Fruit of our lips    verbal, spoken out loud arising from grateful    heart to thank.

ii)       Giving thanks = 3670 = homologeo = to acknowledge, speak the same as the Word of God.

         Must learn how to use the Word of God in prayer, pray in agreement with the Word (Philemon 6)

         Tabernacle gives a pattern or skeleton for effective prayer.

         Hebrews 11:23-24  -- the patterns of things in the heavens - - forgives of the true

-          The Tabernacle of Moses was made according to a specific pattern God gave.

-          Pattern = 5263 = an example, to show in front of eyes.

-          Figure  =  499  =  a representative, counterpart.


  The Natural Tabernacle has a representative of the real.

         The service or ministry of the Priest gives a pattern or outline for prayer.


2. The Brazen Altar:


Hebrews 10:19  Having boldness to enter the holiest of holies by the Blood of Jesus.

Hebrews 10:23   Let us hold fast the profession of our faith.


-          Hold fast    = 2722 = to get a strong grip in, seize, strongly hold onto.

-          Profession  =  3670  = homologea = confession, speak, same as.

-          Boldness   =  3954 = outspoken, strong speaking, fearless confidence.


  Proclaim the Benefits of the Cross and the Blood:

         Confess who Jesus is o you  - Saviour, Lord.

         Confess what the Blood has done for you - - -

* Forgive          * Redeemed from Sin       * Satan   

           * Poverty          * Sickness                            * Curses

         Confess the blessings obtained.

      * Accepted                          * Child of Go

     * Authority over all the works from darkness:

         - Blessed                 - Access to God     - Healing     - Success

         Strong and bold assertive statements mixed with thanks.


3.  The Brazen Laver:


Romans 12:1  Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God which is your responsible service.


  Present = 3936 = to stand alongside, covenant, to set in place.


  Present parts of your body for cleansing and for holy living:

      Mind/Imagination       * Mouth          * Works of hand

      Ears                                * Desires         * Walk daily activity

      Eyes                               * Will               


       Acknowledge the presence of any defilement and ask for cleansing.

       Present each part of your body for holy living.


4.  The Golden Candle Stick:


         Exodus 30:7  - - every morning when he dresses the lamps.

      Dress  =  3190  =  to cause to burn strongly i.e. trim the wick of.

         Matthew 25:4   - - the wise took oil  in  their   vessels with  their   lamps.

         The daily responsibility of the priest was to trim the wick and fill with oil so that the Holy place lit up.


  Fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit and Surrender to Him:

a)     Acknowledge the Holy Spirit any offence to Him.

(Ephesians 4:29 / 1 Thessalonians 5:19)

b)     Pray in Tongues Build the spirit man.  (Jude 29)

c)     Acknowledge anointing.  (Luke 4:18 / Isaiah 11:2)

* Spirit of the Lord    * Wisdom       * Understanding  

* Council                   * Might           * Knowledge

* Fear of the Lord

d)  Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22)

      * Love                        * Joy               * Peace         * Longsuffering

      * Gentleness * Goodness   * Faith             * Meekness

      * Temperance

e)  Gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:7-10)

5.  Table of Show Bread:


John 6:33  The bread of heaven which is comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. I am the Bread of Life.


         Bread sustains life its the basic food of every nation on the earth.


 (a)  Acknowledge Christ as our source He meets all our needs:

      * Lord my Provider                     - Jehovah Jireh                Gen 22:1-14

      * Lord my Righteousness          - Jehovah Tsidkem           2 Cor 5:21

* Lord my Shepard                    - Jehovah Rah                  Psalm 23:1

* Lord my Healer                                    - Jehovah Raphi               Ex 15 :26

* Lord my Peace                                    - Jehovah Sharlom          Eph 2:14 -16

* Lord my Banner                       - Jehovah Nissi                  Ex 17:8-15

* Lord ever with me                  - Jehovah Shunma           Matt 28:20


  (b) Acknowledge we are Part of His Body the Church:

          1 Corinthians 10:17  We being many are one bread.


6.  Golden Alter Incense:


     Exodus 30:7  - - burn sweet incense every morning.

     Revelation 8:3  - - the prayer of all the saints.


         Incense was put upon burning hot coals of fire from the brass altar.

         Clouds of smoke billowed up when incense are put on the coals.


(a)  Praise and gratitude to the Lord Tongues/English

(b)   Intersession for needs of others Tongues/English


NotePriest had 12 Stones on his breastplate - one for each tribe in his heart. (Exodus 28:29)


7.  Ark of the Covenant:


Exodus 25:22  there I will meet you and commune with you


(a) Worship and waiting on the Lord.

(b) Listening and Journaling.

(c) Fresh impartation for missions.  (Isaiah 6:1-6 / Acts 13:2)