Royal Priesthood #3

Tabernacle Prayer


1.    Introduction:


·         1 Peter 2:5 “ – a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God”.


·         God sees us as holy = consecrated or set apart for a special purpose.   

·         Priesthood š People called to enter the presence of God and commune with him.

·         Priest = OT picture = a person with a special call, special role.

·         We are called to offer up sacrifices (something costly) – not natural but spiritual.

·         Acceptable = well received, approved, awaited with anticipation.


·         What are these sacrifices?

Hebrew 13:15  “Let us offer up a sacrifice of praise continually”

1.      Fruit of our lips š Vocal, spoken – arising from within from a grateful heart.

2.      Giving thanks š homologeo = to speak same as, to confess the Word of God.


2.    The Tabernacle of Moses – a Pattern:


Hebrews 9:1-9


·         There are more chapters in the Bible about the Tabernacle than any other subject.

·         The Tabernacle was a tent where the presence and glory of God dwell.

·         Hebrews 8:5  - an example and shadow of heavenly things.

-          Example = 5203 = a pattern for instruction or warning or imitation.

-          Shadow = 4639 = outline or shape of the real thing.

-          Moses was warned to make it exactly according to the pattern shown by God.

-          Pattern = a die, a stamp, a statue, a sample, a model.


·         Hebrews 9: 8  The Holy Ghost signifying by this . . . .

-          Signify   = to make it plain by these words.

-          Figure   = parable, picture, illustration with a spiritual application.


·         Tabernacle:

1.      The dwelling place for God.

2.      Made up of 3 areas – outer court – Holy Place – Holiest.

3.      Containing 7 pieces of furniture.


·             Man = a 3 part being:           Body = Outer Court                         -  not covered

(1 Thessalonians 5:23)                        Soul   = Holy Place               -  covered

                                                Spirit  = Holiest of Holies      -  covered


·             Mark 12:30  “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and with all your strength.


·   God desires we love him with every part of our being.

·   Tabernacle furniture and rooms give a pattern for approaching 


·   1st Your body  - then your soul – then your spirit.

·   All 3 parts are important – they make up whom you are.

·   Move your bodyfocus your soul – engage/worship spirit to spirit.


·             Corporate Worship:

1.      Body       -  Strong songs, clapping, dancing, shouting, rhythm.

2.      Soul         -  Proclaim who God is; focus your mind, emotions, will.

3.      Spirit        - Flowing spontaneous tongues, spirit songs – Prophetic



John 4:24  Worship in Spirit – inner man and truth.


3.      Pattern of Prayer from Tabernacle:


1)  Body:

      a)  Outer Court       - one door, one entrance, one way  š Jesus

                                        - body is visible, not covered.


      b)  Brass Altar  - place animals slain, bloodshed for sin š V - sacrifice                                     Jesus.

            Psalm 100:4  “Enter gates with thanks giving – into courts with


·     Thanksgiving = to extend hands, confess, praise.

·     Praise                         = to boast celebrant.


š  Praise š   assertive, strong bold, active, sound/action.

                 š   Praise the Lord for what He has done.


·     ◦  Free from sin ◦  From Satan ◦  From Curses ◦  From Sickness

    ◦  Free from Poverty.

·     Access to God – Acknowledge the Power Of The Blood.


c)     Brass lower  - made from brass mirrors, water for cleansing.

·     Jesus is the one who cleanses us.

·     Commit your body to Him, hands – works, feet – walk.

·     Romans 12:1 - present your body.

·     Commit yourself to live right – present all of your body to serve.


2.  Soul

·     Holy Place – covered area, not visible, like the soul.

·     Soul = mind – emotions – will – all must be involved.


a) Table of Bread - Jesus is the bread of Life or Source – Fresh each day.


·         Focus on your mind/thoughts upon Christ.

·         Acknowledge who He is to you.

·         Confess of what the Word of God says. 


b)  Candle Stick  - New oil, lamps illuminating pronding fire = Holy Spirit.

·     Activate the life of the Holy Spirit within you.

·     Pray strongly in tongues – express the life – burn strongly.

·     Let the Holy Spirit convict of your sin and restore passion.

·     Don’t be dominated by emotions – let the negatives go, burn strongly.

·     Acknowledge/Confess Holy Spirit           - Fruit in your life (Galatians 5)

·     Set your affection upon God        - Manifestations (Isaiah 11)

                                                                  - Giftings flowing (1 Cor. 12)


c)  Altar Incense - hot coals of fire and incense = clouds of smoke

                                =  Jesus our Intercessor.


·     Altar = a place of sacrifice – commitment.

·     Determine with your will to praise God.  Jesus thoughts.

·     Focus on who Jesus isChoose – begin to praise Him strongly.

·      Purpose to Praise – to engage God with all your heart, all your soul and al your mind and all your strength.


·         The Body Moves – The Soul Focuses - The Spirit is Released to Engage and Commune with God.