Surrendering #1

Pleasing God



  1. Introduction:


·         You were created for God’s Pleasure.

      Revelation 4:11 You have created all things for your pleasure.

-     Pleasure = 2307 = determination. Purpose, desire, pleasure.

-     God choose to create you so He could enjoy you.

-   You are important to God – He watches all you do – desires relationship.


·         God has emotions, feelings which He expresses.

Zephaniah 3:17    He will joy over you with singing.


-          God is powerful, mighty = 1368 = champion, warrior, mighty man.

-          Rejoice = 7797 = to enjoy, make with, celebrate, be bright, cheerful.

-          Joy = 1523 = to spin around under the influence of strong emotion.

-          Singing = 7440 = to shout out with joy, triumph.

-          You are able to bring great pleasure to God.


  1. Your First Purpose in Life – Bring Pleasure to God:


E.g. Jesus – John 8:29  I do always these things that please Him.

·     Jesus is the model, the one to follow, sets the pace.

·     Jesus’ lifestyle – not pleasing self – pleasing God.


·         Make it your goal to please God.

      2 Corinthians 5:9  - We make it our aim to be well pleasing to  Him.

·     Aim = 5389 = to labour, to strive, to be fond of honouring.

·     Every one of us has to give account of our life to God.

·     Without faith in Christ you cannot enter heaven at all.

·     Believers are valuated on their life – how they used their gifts and opportunities.

·     Key issue: Did I please God?

·     Not all Christians bring pleasure to God.

1 Corinthians 10:5  With most of them God was nor well pleased.

Most = 4119 = the major portion.

Well pleased = 2106 = to approve, think well of, take pleasure on.



These were the people redeemed by the blood and water baptized.

-         Their lifestyle – how they responded, spoke, acted – not pleasing God.

-         Key reason: Unbelief – didn’t trust God.

-         What happened to them is set out as warning to us.


  1. Pleasing God means Trusting Him:


Psalm 147:11  The Lord takes pleasure in them that fear him without hope in His mercy.


·         God notices our attitude towards Him.

·         He is a person – a great and awesome King.

·         He takes pleasure = 7521 = to be pleased, satisfy dept, delight.

·         God takes pleasure when we respect and reverence Him.

      When we hope and trust in his loving kindness.

·         Respect and Trust are the foundation of building life that pleases God.


Hebrews 11:6  Without faith it is impossible to please Him.

·         Impossible = 102 = to be totally without power or ability.

·         Foundation of pleasing God is trust    š surrender control.

                                                                       š vulnerable.

Faith = Trust GOD IS GOOD. (Ex 33:6)

             Trust GOD KNOWS BEST. (Jer 29:11)

             Trust GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES.(Is 55:11)


             Trust GOD WILL DO THE IMPOSSIBLE WHEN NEEDED. (Mk 9:23)

             Trust GOD IS JUST, WILL DO WHAT IS RIGHT.


What hinders you from trusting God?

What area of you life do you need to surrender control?