Contend for the Supernatural #5

“Stretch out for the Supernatural”



1.  Introduction:


Jude 1:3 - - “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints”



·       The Church began n the Supernatural at Pentecost – must finish with the Power of God also.

·       The Western Church live in a culture of unbelief – must push against it.

·       Story: What did you learn at Sunday school?  How Moses crossed the Red Sea. “If I told you the way the teacher did, you would never believe it”.

·       We have the power of choice – we can choose to believe God or choose Not to believe!

·       It is time to extend our faith – 4 choices to make:


i)  Desire the Supernatural:


·         1 Corinthians 12:7  “The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit without”

·         Manifestation = supernatural operation, the Power of God moving through you.

·         ‘Given’ => not earned but receive by faith.

·         ‘Every man’ => God desires to work supernaturally through every believer.

·         1 Corinthians 12:31 – ‘covet earnestly the best gifts’.

·         Covet earnestly = epithumia = deep craving, longing, to lust for, breath hard.

=> passion, intense desire to stretch out and take hold of             something.

·         God recognises and respond to the desires of our heart.

·         E.g. Mark 10:50-51  “What do you want I should do to you?”

-  Bartimeus pushed through all resistance – cried out strongly!

-  He attracted the attention of Jesus – strong desire.

·         Mark 1:24  “Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe”.

·         Ask God for opportunities …..for His  Power to flow through you.




ii)  Connect with People:

1 Corinthians 12:31 “Covet earnestly the best gifts and yet I’ll show unto you a more excellent way.

·           Gifts flow to meet the needs of people.

·           The Power of God demonstrates the Love of God – must love and connect with people.

·           Galatians 5:6  “faith works by love”.

The love for people motivates us to connect with them and expect God to move.

·           Love chooses:  * To become vulnerable.

                                  * To position self in place of uncertainty.

                                     Uncertain if win/loose or breakthrough/setback or excitement/disappointed. 

                                  * Not to build walls/hedge around your heart to protect self.

E.g.  Mark 1:41 - Jesus moved with compassiontouched the leper.

        He allowed the desperate situation of the man to affect him.

E.g. John 11:35  - Jesus wept => He felt deeply, allowed His heart to  be touched.

E.g.  Mark 3:5  - Jesus looked on them with anger, being grieved.

        Jesus was a man of passion – felt deeply.

·      Must allow the broken world of people to penetrate your inner world.

·      Will see miracles, you will also see losses – affects your emotions!.

·      Don’t harden your heart to people! – Don’t built walls around your heart.


iii)  Choose to take risks:


·       Matthew 4:29 “and then Peter was come down, out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.”

·       RISK = to dare to undertake, to hazard, to expose to injury, loss, death, to put in danger, to “put in harms way”.

·       You will never see the supernatural if you stay in the/your comfort zone.

·       Miracles are just outside your comfort zone – you must take risks.

·       Hudson Taylor – “unless there is the element of risk – there is no need for faith”.

·       Aimee S. McPherson – Took risks.

“Is Jesus the great I AM or the great I WAS?”

Will you tell of the wonderful power the He used to have – the power that flowed from I WAS?

·         The Holy Spirit wants to give new ideas, new thoughts, strategies – Listen expectantly.

·         Be willing to change – leave the familiar behind.

·         Kathryn Kuhlman  - Think Big – Talk Big – Act Big – we have a Big God.

·         Fill your heart with the vision for God doing new things, step out of the “what if?”


iv)  Get over your disappointments:


·         1 Samuel 30:6-8  “Pursue – you shall surely overtake them and recover all”.

·         All who set out to do new things face disappointments and setbacks.

·         The more you desire and pursue the supernatural the more surprises and disappointments.

·         Must take the risk of being hurt, face reality of disappointments.

·         We cannot control God – we must partner with Him and trust Him.

·         David:   * Deep disappointment – unexplained setback in his     

                  home and family. 

                * Encouraged himself into God.

                * Pursued = run after, chase.

 * Overtake = to reach, stretch out, overcome the


·         Must arise beyond disappointments  => Bitter expecting, unbelief.

                                                                      => Blaming self.

                                                                       => Bitter at God.

·         Must let go of the “If only”.


E.g.  John 11:21  - Martha – if only you had been here – bitter,


           John 11:32-38  - Mary – if only you had been here – different spirit  

           = expectancy.

   E.g.  1Chronicles 13:10-11 – “and David was disappointed, became hard . . . . David experienced a humiliating setback, but got over it and moved on.


·           Must let go Yesterdays disappointments, unanswered questions.  Except God’s will.  Be filled with a new spirit of pursuing.

·           Mark 3:5  “Stretch forth your hand – and he stretches it out and his hand was restored”.