Contend for the Supernatural #3

Spiritual Atmospheres



1.  Introduction:


Jude 1:3 - - “it was needful to me to write unto you and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints”



·       Earnestly Contend” = 1864 = epagonizomai = to struggle, compete for a prize,

·       Miracles are part of God’s plan for your life to make impact in the world.

·       Every believer can access the supernatural resources of God by faith. E.g. - business, family, personal breakthrough, healing, deliverance, provision.

·       Our God is supernatural – the supernatural should be expected – normal not abnormal.

·       Our PrayerActs 4:30   “Stretch forth your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done by the Name of Jesus Christ.

·       We are required to contend => wrestle to overcome spiritual resistance to miracles.


2.  Spiritual Atmospheres Affect people:


(a)  Atmosphere: = surrounding and prevailing influence – can be experienced, felt.

(b)        Natural Atmosphere:  - impacts how people feel, how they live, their health.  e.g. – Humid     e.g.  – Polluted    e.g. – romantic

(c)        Spiritual Atmosphere:  impact how people feel, how they live.

·         People are affected by the spiritual atmosphere given of by others e.g.;

(i)         Sports event        → excitement

(ii)       Sales man             → enthusiasm

(iii)      Angry man           → caution

(iv)    Arrogant man    → inferior

(v)      Controlling man → suppressed

(vi)    Calm man            → peace

(vii)      Self pity                → demanding

(viii)    Funeral                  → sorrow

(ix)     Wedding              → joy

(x)          Preacher             → alive

(xi)        Warm person      → welcome


·         The atmosphere that people submit too has power to change/shape their lives.

·         Spiritual atmosphere affects people’s minds, emotions, spirit, and actions.

·         Spiritual atmosphere surrounds: people; places; cities.

·         You are responsible for your choices.


3.  The Manifest Presence of God Alters the Atmosphere:


2 Chronicles 5:13-15 “As one to make one sound . . . the house was filled with a cloud”.

·         When the presence of God manifested the atmosphere changed – “filled with glory”

·         The atmosphere become “charged”,”alive” with the tangible presence of God.


(i)      The activity of believers made way for the spiritual atmosphere to Change:

a)      Sanctified” (v11) = to be clean from defilement of sin, offenses.

b)      As One” (v13) = flowed together in Unity.

c)      Praised the Lord” (v13) = focused with expectancy on the goodness of God.

James 4:7-8 Submit – resist – draw near to God and He will draw near to you.


(ii)    The Presence of God impacted people supernaturally:

(v14)  “Could not stand” => Body overwhelmed by the manifestation of God.

·         They were slain in the Spirit – fell down under the Power of God.

·         Glory = kabowd (kabod) = the weight, influence, person of great wealth, power, influence, reputation.


(iii)   God’s Pattern for the Church is to be filled with Glory


e.g. Ecclesiastes 40:34 – The glory of the Lord filled (Moses) Tabernacle (Moses’ Tabernacle).

e.g. 2 Chronicles 5:14  - The Glory of the Lord filled the house of God. (Solomon’s Temple)

e.g. John 2:11  - This beginning of miracles did Jesus - - and manifested forth His glory. (Jesus).

e.g. Isaiah 60:3  - His glory shall be seen upon you. (The Church).

·         When the supernatural power of manifests people are attracted.

·         God’s glory manifest => miracles takes place regularly.

e.g. Acts 2:1-4  - One accord in one place suddenly ... (The Church)

·         The spiritual atmosphere was changed with the presence of God.

·         Key insights:  (i)  Prayer and Fasting  (Acts 1:14)

        (ii)  Desire and Expecting (Acts 1:4,8) (Faith)

        (iii)  Unity – one accord (Acts 1:14, Acts 2:1)


Acts 1:14  One accord = 3660 = same passion, forced desire.

·         Unity = key ingredient in the meaningful release of God.

·         The biggest issue in church that affects atmosphere is discord, division.

·         Atmosphere becomes “tight”, “hard”, “and demonic”.

      (James 3:14-16)

·         Single biggest cause: Unresolved offences (reacted in Pride)

·         Building Unity => must work to remove unresolved offences.


4.  The 7 Blessings of Strong Spiritual Atmosphere:


Acts 2:24  - “They lifted their voices with one accord!”


V3 – When the prayed:

·   The place was shaken.

·   They were filled with the Holy Ghost.

·   They spoke the Word of God with boldness.

·   They were of one Heart and one Soul.

·   There was great power and great grace.

·   Neither was there any that lacked.


Do you desire miracles?  See the Presence of God!


The Blessings of a strong spiritual atmosphere:

(1)    Spiritual Breakthroughs (“shaken”)  v31

(2)    Spiritual Refreshing  (“filled”)  v31

(3)    Bold Witnessing  (“boldness”)  v31

(4)    Unity  (“one heart”)  v32

(5)    Miracles  (“great power”)  v33

(6)    Generosity and Abundance  (“none lacked”) v34

(7)    Love  (“all things”)  v32