Contend for the Supernatural #7

“Releasing the Supernatural”


1.  Introduction:


John 7:37  “He that believes on me – out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”.


·         Rivers => Many different expressions, flows of the Holy Spirit.

·         “Out of his belly” => Your spirit man – which is joined to the Holy Spirit.

·         Your spirit is not limited like your body – it has spirit capacities.

·         Your spirit can flow from within you and influence people – circumstances.

·         When your spirit flows from within the presence of the Holy Spirit is released.

·         “He that believes” => there is an exercise of faith required.

                                       = supernatural activity requires faith.   Mark 16:17  

·         Examples:              Pastor’s spirit flows over the church

                          Parents’ spirit flows over their children

                          Believer spirit can flow and impart life to another

                          People who are angry, hateful, prejudice also impart       

                          To others


·         How to release the Supernatural?


Keys to Releasing the Supernatural:


(i)   Acceptance of Responsibility:


      2 Corinthians 10:13-14   “We do not stretch beyond our measure”.


·         Measure = 3358 = metron = a limited position.

·       Metron = the sphere of activities for which God has given you responsibility.

·       Rule = the boundaries that God has placed.

·         Each person has a unique metron – sphere of respect and   authority.  E.g. Parents – Children   Businessman – Business

                                Teacher – class

·         Our authority is related to what God has given us responsibility for.

·         Within your metron: => You take initiative.

                                        => Holy Spirit gives you ideas. (1 John 2:27)

                                        => You must exercise spiritual influence over       your metron.

·         Discover what God has given you responsibility for, embrace it and release the presence of God into what He has entrusted.

e.g.  Life; home; finances; relationships; work.

·         If you abandon or withdraw – something else will exercise spiritual influence over your metron.


2.  Embrace Your Metron with Love and Faith: 


      Phillipians 1:6-7  “I’ll have you in my heart”.


·         Wherever your heart is directed, your spirit flows.

·         Paul was absolutely confident – total inner passion.

·         He was confident of the Spirit of God working among the believers.

·         His reason: I have you in my heart.

·         He held those believers in his heart and released Apostolic Anointing to them. E.g. “Never “give up” and let go one of your children out of your heart”.

·         Mark 9:23  “All things are possible to him that believes”.

·         Hold your metron in your heart with love and faith (expectancy)


3. Speak Words:


John 6:63  “The words I speak to you they are spirit and they are life”.


·             Words spoken from within our heart release spiritual power.

·             Words spoken can release life or death. Proverbs 18:21

·             Words spoken can release the Holy Spirit or release demonic spirits.

·             Speak out Words:

Mark 16:23  “Speak to the mountain – Be Removed - - -not doubt in heart”.

·               Words spoken with faith exert spiritual pressure or people, demons and circumstances.

·               Don’t withdraw from your words, stand behind them, truth and expectancy.


(a)    Words that Bind Demonic Forces:


Matthew 16:19  “Whatever you shall bind on earth..”


Bind = 1210 = to restrain, limit.


(b)    Words that Release Presence of God:


Matthew 10:11-14  “….let your peace come upon it”.


Salute = 782 = to enfold in the arms, welcome.

            => speak and release peace into the household.

(c)    Words that Honour:


Ephesians 4:29  “Minister grace to the hearers”.


·       Edifying = 3619 = to construct a house.

·       Grace = 5485 = the supernatural presence and power of God.

·       Words that honour, value, build, acknowledge good.


(d)    Words of Truth – Spoken Boldly:


John 14:17  “…the Spirit of Truth”.


·         When you speak the truth the anointing of the Holy Spirit is released.

·         Result many be released or you may get a reaction from others.


4.   Actions – Unexpected Kindness:


Luke 6:32-33  “If you love them who love you what (grace) Thanks


·   Thank (KJV) = Grace = Power of God.

·   Unexpected acts of kindness accomplished by words release the presence of God.


5.  Seize the Opportunity to Pray:


1 Corinthians 12:7  The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man.


·   Expect opportunities and Expect Miracles.