Contend for the Supernatural #6

“Releasing the Supernatural”


1.  Introduction:


Matthew10:7-8  “Freely you have received – freely give”.


·         Jesus commissioned his disciples (v51)

·         The disciples received – received the ministry of the supernatural.

·         Be responsible to give it away.

·         Ministry of the Holy Spirit – deliverance, healing, giftings, breakthrough.

·         Cannot manipulate God – called to co-labour with Him.

·         It’s every believer’s privilege to be a channel of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 12:7)

·         Supernatural is associated with the proclaiming of the “Kingdom of God”.


2.  God’s Spirit and the Human Spirit:


1 Corinthians 6:17  “He that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit”.

                       6:18  “Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit”.


(a)   Every person has a human spirit that is a distinct part of him.

  • A Christian is able to exercise authority over his own spirit.

     (1 Corinthians 12:7)

  • When a person becomes a Christian the Holy Spirit enters him

      - he becomes the “temple of God”.

  • The Holy Spirit is a person – he can be quenched – he can be

     Grieved. (Ephesians 4:30)


(b)   • The Holy Spirit and the spirit of a Christian are joined

           - a relationship.

        • As you yield to the Holy Spirit you become one with Him

           - flow of Supernatural life.

        •  As we yield to the prompting of the Holy Spirit – then the Spirit

            can flow out.

        • Releasing the human spirit then releases the Holy Spirit to flow

            through us.

            e.g.  Preacher.      e.g.  Worship Leader.


(c)   • If you want to release the presence of the Holy Spirit who dwells

           within:   (i)  Must yield to Him – to his desires, will, presence.

                         (ii)  Must release your own spirit.

       • The moving of God’s Spirit within and through you is depended

          on you and what you do?  *  Freely give? – anointing released

                                                         *  Hold back? – Holy Spirit withheld

3.  Your Heart is the key:


Proverbs 4:23  “Keep your heart with al diligence – out of it flow issues of life”.


·         Heart => the core of a person => soul (mind, will, emotions) and spirit.

·         Keep => 5341 = to guard, maintain, protect, watch.

·         Your heart condition determines the flow of the spiritual life from within.


a)     Your Spiritual Energy can be increased:

Ephesians 3:16  “… strengthened with might by the Spirit in the inner man”.


·         Strengthened = 2900 = to empower, to be increased with strength and energy.

·         Might = 1411 = miraculous strength or ability powers dominion.

·         Holy Spirit can empower and energize your spirit, impact giftings,

- NB. Can be seen in a face. (Confidence)

E.g.  Samson         E.g.  David        E.g.  Pentecost

·         This happens as we draw from Him through prayer/yielding             (1 Corinthians 3:13) Focus on Purposes of God.


b)     Your Spiritual Energy can be decreased:


(i)      By Activity of Evil Spirits:

Ephesians 6:12  “Wrestle not against flesh and blood – spiritual powers”.


·         As you encounter evil spirits – your spirit recoils, is wrecked.

·         When there’s a strong spiritual oppression many lose strength. (1 Kings 19)


(ii)    By Sin:

Romans 3:23  “Wages of sin is death”.


·         Sin creates inner turmoil and grieves the Holy Spirit.

·         Consequence is loss of spiritual life and energy.


(iii)   By Internal Disunity:

Matthew 12:25  “….house divided against itself cannot stand”.


·         Divided = to be in disunity.

·         E.g:  Doubts; Mindsets; emotional hurts; fears; wrong thinking.

·                 Grief; low esteem; lack of focus – not clear gaols and


·         All these block the flow of spiritual life and energy.


4.   Releasing the Supernatural:


John 7:37  “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of water”.


(a)    Spirit Life flow out of people like a river.


·         Shows on countenance – 1st place to be seen.

·         Envelopes and surrounds every person.

·         Can be “sensed” by others e.g.

       – someone tries to sneak up”    – “feel” (can feel them).

       -  someone stares at you – “feel it”.


(b)    Spirit Life is unique to every person – influences others.

E.g. *Very angry                              => caution!        

       * Sexual vibes                           => attract

       * Self pity                                    => demanding

       * Very calm                                => peace

       * Sports event                            => excitement   

       * Arrogant attitude                   => in fear

       * Judgemental Attitude          => condemned

       * Animals sense relax/alert


(c)   The Heart is the Key: (Philippians 1:7)


(i)  Focus  - Whenever you direct your heart your spirit follows

                    too. E.g. Purpose

(ii) Acceptance of Personal Responsibility – your spirit flows too.

    E.g. “My Space” – person steps into it by react.