Raise Your Expectations


1.  Introduction:


Romans 15:13 “Now, the God of all hope fill you with joy and peace through believing, that you may abound in hope


·         “Abound”  = 4052 = superabundant, overflowing, excelling.

·         “ Hope”  = 1680 = to anticipate with pleasure, to expect

                                       confidently  .

=  happy expectation of good, of something not yet    


·         What is your hope – expectation for this year?

·         God's desire is that you abound in hope – expectation of good to 


  - come through faith – through believing ( Hebrews 11:6)



2.  5 x Insights on Expectation:


·         Your 'expectations' will have a powerful effect on what happens in your life, in your circumstances.

·         Jeremiah 29:11 “- - thoughts of peace, not evil to give you an expected end”.

  Expectation = the thing we desire, hope for, went for.

  God will give us the expectations of our faith what we believe for.


5 Key Insights:


(i)    Your Expectation is our Choice:


     Mark 11:24 “Whatsoever things you desire when you pray –

               believe ---”


·         This is a powerful promise made by God to the believer.

·         Desire” = 154 = to require, to call for, => Not passive, what will be regretted.

·         You have the power of choice concerning your life.

·         The things you are expecting are what you have chosen to focus on.

·         God requests of us to come to Him with expectationanticipation.


  eg. John 5:16  - Do you want to be made whole?

·         Each day you choose your attitude – what do you expect?







 Your Expectation is a Powerful Attractive Force:


  'Expectations' – releases a powerful pull of spiritual forces.

  Your expectations can be evil or good.


  eg. Hebrews 12:15  “Let no root of bitterness spring up”


·         People who have been hurt and not resolved it can become  bitter.

·         People with bitter expectancy attract further bitter expectancies.

·         Bitterness defiles yourself, and infects all around you.

 eg. Acts 3:5  “He's gone ahead expecting to receive something”

·         His expectation of good draw a miracle to him.

·         Mark 5:28 “For she said if I may touch but His clothes I shall be made whole”

       -  The woman approached Jesus expecting to receive!

  -  “Said” = 3004 = to declare, boast, to lay forth.


eg. Meeting where people come expectant – the whole     

       atmosphere affected.

eg. Benny Hinn Miracle Crusades – atmosphere filled with



     Expectation puts a demand on the Holy Spirit.



(iii)  Your Expectation is Specific:


·         Nothing happens or changes until it becomes specific.

·         Mark 10:51  “What do you want that I should do to you?” 

Want” = 2309 = determine, choose, incline to, desire.

·         Many people are vague, fuzzy, religious.

 eg.  “Whatever the Lord wants me to have”

·         Faith in God always is specific – what do you want?

·         Many times Jesus made the person confess their specific needs. 


(iv) Your Expectation can be Lost:


·         When there is no expectation there will be no supernatural power.

·         Many Christians live daily with little or no expectation on God.

·         Why does this happen?

a)  Association with people filled with unbeliefNumbers 13-14:1 

b)  Living in the comfort zone – Lukewarm.   Revelation 3:17

c)  Disappointment- expectations dashed.   Luke 24:13-21

                               - fear of future disappointment.  Proverbs 13:12

·         “Trusted” = 1679 = to anticipate, have expectation or confidence.

·         What they expect did not happen  so they become sad and drew back.




(v) Your Expectation can be Raised:


Luke 24:29-33  “Did not our hearts burn as he talked with us and  

                          opened to us the scriptures?”


a)  Fresh Fellowship with Jesus – worship – word of God.

b)  Resolve the Baggage – let go, forgive, acknowledge, face fears.

c)  Set Clear specific Goals – stop being fuzzy- be clear where you


d) Pray the Promises – Mark 11:23 – find promises you can confess,


e) Focus Your Efforts - What need to eliminate?  What need to focus


                                    -  What can you do?

f)  Constantly express Gratitude – Praise for what God is doing!