Royal Priesthood #5

Meeting with God


1.      Introduction:


1 Peter 2:9  “You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who called you …”


·         This is who we are – Now! – We need to speak and act to what God says we are.

·         Show forth = 1804 = exaggello = to publish abroad, act as a messenger.

·         Priesthood š offered sacrifices, entered the presence of God.

·         We must learn how to enter the presence of God and carry His presence to the community.

·         Tabernacle in the Old testament – dwelling place of God š  a pattern or picture of how to approach God.

·         Furniture of Tabernacle š Focal points for prayer.


2.      Meeting with God:


Exodus 25:17-22  “There I will meet with you and commune with you from above the mercy seat”.


·         Meet = 3259 = yaad = to meet by appointment, to engage for marriage.

·         Commune = 1696 = to answer, talk, promise, pronounce, subdue, teach.

·         The mercy seat was the place of meeting with God – place of intimacy.

·         The Mercy Seat:

a)  Natural:  v 17-18

·         Plate of solid gold covering the ark.

·         Two cherubim were attached to it with wings outstretched, faces looking towards one another and down to the mercy seat.

·         The presence of God manifested supernaturally – shining shekinah glory.


b)     Spiritual Significance:

·         Romans 3:25  Christ - whom God has set forth to be a mercy seat through faith in His blood.

·         1 John 4:10  Herein is love – not that we loved god but that He loved us and sent his Son to be a mercy seat for our sins.

·         Mercy seat = place of reconciliation where two people where two people have been separated are brought back into harmony again.

·         Atonement = to cover, to cancel, to forgive, to reconcile.

·         The work that Jesus Christ did for us - has made a way for us to become reconciled to God – to come home to our Father.

·         NoteMatthew 27-51  When Jesus died the veil was torn from top to bottom.


c)     Moses met with God and Communed with Him:


Exodus 33:11  “The Lord spoke to Moses face to face as a man speak to his friend”.


·       Friend  = 7462 = brother, lover.

·       The heart of God is always been for relationship that gives pleasure.

·       Exodus 34:29  Moses did not know the skin of his face shone while he  talked to him.

·       Supernatural encounters with God change us – it leaves a tangible impact.


3.      Patterns for Approaching God:


Hebrews 4:16  “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and grace to help in time of need”.


·         Protocol = the way of going about doing something.

·         Come boldly š  (a) Present yourself – open up your heart to connect spirit to spirit.

                                       (b) Full of faith – expectant to access the presence of God.

                                       (c)   Full of confidence – no uncertainty, shame, low esteem.


·       Throne of Grace š  (a) Throne =  seat of authority of a King, place   he rules.

                                                            = place a king governs, makes decrees.

                                         (b) Grace  = council, direction, support, power to change.

·       It is a throne of grace, not judgement.

·       God can be approached day and night, every nation, all people can approach God and find acceptance and “well timed help”.


·       There are two major functions fulfilled when we enter the presence of God:


(a)        Intimacy:

·         Come as a Child to his Father for intimacy and affirmation.

·         Intimacy  š   (i) Worship– Sharing innermost feelings and   


    John 4:24  “God has a Spirit - - worship in    

    spirit and in truth”.

·         Worship = 4352 = proskuneo = to kiss towards like a dog licks its master.

·         Expressing affection and love with words.

·         “Spirit” = 4154 = preuma = breath – from innermost love.

·         Truth = 225 = not concealing or hiding anything.

·         Psalm 95:6 “Come and let us worship, bow down before the Lord”.


(ii)  Listening – Opening heart for impressions of the Holy Spirit.

·         Psalm 95:7 “Today if you will hear His voice don’t harden your heart”.

·         The Holy Spirit speaks in gentle impressions.

·         Journaling can help you focus on what the Holy Spirit is saying.

·         Meditation in the Word can help focus your attention.

·         NB.  Luke 3:22  “Words of love and affirmation”.


(b)        Commission:


·         Come as an Ambassador to the King on Government Business.

·         2 Corinthians 5:4  We are ambassadors for Christ.

·         Ambassador = to act as a spokesman or representative for God.

·         Isaiah 6:1-7  Isaiah encountered God and heard His voice.


i)   Apostolic Commission – “Whom shall I send?”.

ii) Governmental Prayer = Prayer that alters spiritual  atmosphere.