Living With Purpose



1.  Summary of 40 Days of Purpose


      i) It is not about You – it is about God

·         Col 1:16 All things were created by Him and for Him

·         Rev. 4:11 You have created all things and for your pleasure they were created.

Pleasure = 23-0 = purpose, desire, will, choice

·         The purpose of your life is much bigger than:

-          personal goals – personal happiness – job – family – ambitions

·         You can accomplish all your goals and totally miss your purpose in life.

·         You must connect with God – You were born by His purpose – for His purpose.


ii)                   Life is a Pentathlon of 5 Purposes

·         Great Commandment – Mk 12:30 – 31

·         Love the Lord – Worship                       Created to love God

·         Love Your Neighbour – Ministry          Shaped to Serve

·         Great Commission – Mt 25:19 – 20

·         Go make Disciples – Mission    Made for a Mission

·         Baptise them – Fellowship        Formed for God’s


·         Teach them to obey –              Maturity         Created

                                                                                    to become like Christ


2.    Key insights from Psalm 1:


(a)  God desires you to be Blessed (v1):


·         Blessed = 835 = Happiness, Fulfilment.

·         God’s desire for you is to live a blessed life.

·         Every person longs for happiness, fulfilment  - but they don’t know how to obtain it.

·         A Blessed life is consequence of choicesPsalm 1, lays out how to obtain it.


      (b)  You must separate from things which is low in value (v1):


            (i)   “Walk not in the council of the ungodly”.  (v1)


·         There are three different types of people  - moving away from God.

·         Ungodly”  = 7563 = withholds from God & from people, 

       not influenced by God in any of his decisions, self

       willed person , no  respect for  God.    

·         Walk” = way of life.

·         Council”  = the advice, the plan, the purpose, advises people to live life His way.

·         Who is advising you? Who is speaking to your life and influencing your decisions?      

·        A blessed man has internal values – he rejects council of people who have no respect for God.     

·        Your life is a result of choices – need godly advice/connect.





(ii)  “Nor stands in the way of sinners”  (v1)


·         Sinners” = 2400 = to miss the mark, pass over the boundaries.

        - He does things that are evil and wrong

           eg.  Drunk, dishonest, lies, cheats, immoral.

·         Way  = the path, the lifestyle, the places sinners is found.

·         Stand in the way = lingering where sinners are with desire to be part of it.

·          Sin is progressive. Once listened to ungodly advice, soon you will long after the apparent “befits of sin”.

·          In what areas of compromise? Lingering or Standing?


(iii)  “Nor sits in the seats of the scornful”:


·         Scornful = 3887 = to speak against, belittle, mock, make fun of.

·         Seat  = to deliberately associate and make friends with people who are verbally apposed to godly ways.

·         Blessed is the man who chooses greater values God’s ways.


Example 1:  Lot – progression of loss of blessing.

·         Genesis 13:12 – Dwelled by

·         Genesis 14:12 – Dwelled  in

·         Genesis 19:1  - Sat in gate

·         Ezekiel 16:48-50  sin of Sodom – pride, full, idle, selfish.


                  Example 2:  Abraham – progressive increase in revelation.

·         Genesis 13:14



       (c)  You must Roam on What has Eternal Value:


·         (v2)  “But his delight is in the Law of the Lord, in His law 

                         you must   Meditate”

·         Whatever you focus on, you give your attention and head to it.

·         Success, blessing is a result of focus on things of high value.


1. Delights in the Word of God.

·         Delight = 2656 = to value, to desire, to take pleasure in, purpose.

·         Conscious choice to give value to the Word of God.




2.  Meditate in the Word of God.


·         Meditate = 1897 = to roll over in mind, ponder, think continually.

·         To ponder about how you can apply the Word of God to

      your life.

·         To feed your soul with the Word of God and align your

      life to obey it.


  James 1:22  Be not a forgetful hearer – does the word of God.



      (d)  Remember the Benefits of Applying the Word of God:


            (i)   Become like a fruitful Tree       -  Planted, not a wild Tree.

                                                                        -  Next to an irrigation ditch.

·         Stability – strong root system to strengthen.

·         “Bring forth fruit”- your life reflects your focus on true values.

·         Leaves will not wither” - Vitality and life.

·         Substance to your life – what ever you do will prosper


            (ii)  Not like the Ungodly:


·         Chaff – no substance, no real value.

·         Will not stand in the Judgement – but punished.


            (iii)  God observes and rewards the Godly Lifestyle:


·         The Lord knows the way (lifestyle) of the righteous.