Grace to Win In Life


1.  Introduction:


1 Corinthians 3:6  “One plant, another watered but God gave  increase”


·         There is a supernatural increase that comes from relationship and obedience to the Lord.

·         Key words: (i) Faith – taking hold of God for the release of the                

                              supernatural.  (Hebrews 11:6)

                          (ii) Increase – People/resources added to church – Bay                                     City.  (Collossians 2:19)     

·         Whatever is healthy and vital should grow!

·         How many will be added to church this year because of your influence?


2. God Desires to be the Centre of Your life:


James 4:6  “God resist the proud, but gives grace unto the humble”.


·         Resist (v6) = 498 = to arrange oneself against, to oppose.

·         If you desire the supernatural increase you must look at your heart attitude and lifestyle.

·         Signs of resistance:        (i) Conflict.  (James 4:1)

                                               (ii) Dissatisfaction.  (James 4:2)

                                                (iii) Unanswered prayer.  (James 4:3)

·         Cause of resistance – Seduced into following the spirit of the world.

·         Adulterer”(v4)  = person who betrays commitment in marriage  


                                    = person who has another lover.

·         Friendship of the world” = to be fond of the worlds value system.

đ To call oneself a Christian but embrace values and lifestyle                           that are contrary.

đ  Issues of honesty, purity, honour, authority, materialism and   


đ  Calling oneself Christian but having another lover – “World

·         “Whoever will” đ the person who has the mind and makes 


·         Choosing to embrace the values opposed to Christ, makes you hostile to Gods purpose.

·         Enemy” = 2190 = to be passively hateful, hostile, an adversary.

·         The core value that drives the world is “Pride

·         The Holy Spirit intensely craves that Jesus be the focus of your Heart.

“He longs after us like a scorned jealous lover” 






3.  God Resists the Proud:


James 4:6  “God resists the Proud”


·         Without God – Life has little meaning or purpose.

·         Without God – Only source of meaning is pursuit of 

                           happiness and security.

·         Without God – People are driven by selfish ambition – “It’s all

                          about Me!” (Self Idolatry)

·         1 John 2:16  “All this is in the world – not of the Father”.


How to Recognise Pride:


Matthew 12:33  “- - a tree is known by it’s fruit - -“



·         Refusing to trust God. (Psalm 10:4)

·         Refusing to acknowledge sin, weakness, failure.

·      Pretending to be something different to what we


·         Covering sin and failure - denial, murmuring, 

                                                                          excusing, blaming.

                                                                       - Fear.

·         Independence – refusing to connect in 

                              meaningful relationship.

·         Resist and critical of authority.

·         Complaining and murmuring.

·         Judgemental and critical of others.

·         Unteachable – reacts to any correction.

·         Demanding and ungrateful.

·         Unforgiveness and disloyalty in relationship.

·         Self promotion – taking credit for what God/others have done, conscious of position.

·         Materialistic – exercise focus on things!



·         God resists the proud đ permits obstacles in their path that break the self and bring awareness of the need for Christ

     E.g. Peter

·         Note: (v7)  To resist demonic opposition you must confront    









4.  God give Grace to the Humble:


     James 4:6  “God gives grace to the humble”


·         Grace = supernatural ability to get victory over sin and Satan and    

                      to win in life!  (Romans 5:17)

·         Submit yourself = 5293 = hupotasso = to submit, place self under.

đ  to position yourself under God’s authority and order and to  work as a team under His leadership and direction.

·         Note: You don’t pray for this – you choose to do it. (Humble self)


·         Some Fruit of Humility/Humbleness:

·         Life is focused on the Lord. (not self) (2 Corinthians 5:15)

·         Acknowledges the giftings and placement of God. (Romans 12:3)

·         Serves people.  (John 13:14 / Philippians 2:7)

·         Encourages and appreciates people, not focus on lacks.

·         Learns from other people – able to be corrected easily.

·         Lays down rights – picks up responsibilities.

·         Quickly confess failures and sin.


·         Unexpected benefits!


(i)      Supernatural ability.  (James 4:6)

(ii)    Victory over demonic opposition.  (James 4:7)

(iii)   Increase and promotion.  (James 4:10)

(iv) Presence of God.  (James 4:8 / Isaiah 57:15)

(v)   Revelation and insight.  (Isaiah 6 / 2 Chronicles 26:15-16)


Jeremiah 17: 5-8  “The Man God Blesses”