Royal Priesthood #7

Governmental Prayer


1.      Introduction:


1 Peter 2:9  “ But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that should show forth the praises of him who has called you - - - “.


·         Priest = a person who enters the presence of God on behalf of others.

·         Royal = Kingly by nature or birth – destined to rule, exert dominion.

·         Purpose of Prayer:

(1)   Intimacy – Worship, Listening to God.

(2)   Dominion – Commission and Governmental Prayer.

·         Isaiah 6:8  “Who will go for us?”  - (Whom shall I send?)

·         Intimacy with god results in Commission to rule – to assert the dominion of Christ.

·         Dominion or ruling in the Kingdom of God means serving. Matthew 20:26-28

·         Every believer is called and commissioned to serve God and advance his Kingdom.

·         We are Ambassadors:

2 Corinthians 5:20  “Now then we are Ambassadors for Christ’

Ambassador:  - lives in one country while representing another.

                                 Philippians 3:20  Our Citizens!

-  live according to the principles and values of the

      Kingdom of God.

                        - enjoys the recourses and the backing of the Kingdom of God.

-    carries authority to speak and to advance the Kingdom of


·         Believers need to have an ambassador mentality  “sent and represent and advance”.


2.      Governmental Prayer:


Definition: Prayer that alters the natural visible world by releasing the supernatural power and order and benefits of the kingdom of God.


·         Our God is a Supernatural God – it is written into our spiritual DNA to hunger for and express the supernatural power of God – to see the impossible become the possible.

·         Example of Jesus’ Prayer: (Matthew 6:9-13)

·         The Disciples of Jesus requested that he teaches them how to pray – power released.

·         This prayer is not something to recite – but a pattern for prayer.

·         There are 2 key elements in Jesus prayer:

(1)     Intimacy with God

(2)     Dominion – bringing the Kingdom of God to earth and establish his dominion over the needs of people.

·         The outline of Jesus’ prayer is:


(a)  Praise and Worship

-          Enthroning God through praise adoration.

-          Coming into his presence to commune with him.


(b) Governmental Prayer:

-          Praying to release the will of God into the earth

-          The will of God means His dominion – His Kingdom.

Kingdom – Kings dominion, Rule of Christ over sickness, poverty and oppression.

-          Where the Spirit of the Lord is, the result is liberty.                            2 Corinthians 3:17


(a)  Material needs                    - “give us this day - -“

(b)  Personal Relationships       - “forgive us - - as we forgive”

(c)  Power over the devil/sin   - “lead us not into temptation   but deliver us  - -“

Ţ The intended goal of this prayer is that the Lordship of Jesus prevails in every area of life.


(c)  Praise and Worship:

-          Giving God the Honour and Glory for his work.

-          ExampleLuke 4:33   Command – Kingdom released.


3.      Characteristics of Governmental Prayer:


Mark 11:22-26  “Who soever shall say to this mountain – be removed”


·         Fig Tree:  * Full of leaves so held the promise and appearance of being fruit bearing.

* Not the season for figs so Ţ unnatural development of the tree deceptive.

·         Governmental Prayer = prayer that alters the natural visible world by releasing the supernatural power, order and benefits of the Kingdom of God.

·         (v14)  Jesus spoke to the tree – within one day the tree become withered.

Ţ     supernatural power of God released by faith into the earth through commands.

Ţ     Jesus uses it to illustrate the realm of faith.


·         Luke 13:12  Woman – be loosed from your infirmity –word of command.

      Luke 4:35  Demon – be quiet, come out of him       - word of command.

      Luke 7:14  Young man – I say to you arise                - word of command.

·         Mark 11:22  Have the faith of God.


i)        Originates with God: (Mark 11:22)


·   John 5:19  Of himself the Son can do nothing = nothing supernatural, limited but what he sees the Father do.

·   Key ingredient of Jesus’ ministry was intimacy – hearing the Father.

·   Faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:7) Ţ relationship that is current.

·   Faith is based on what God is saying, not what he said before.

E.g. Abraham and Isaac.  Genesis 22:12

E.g.  Paul and missions.  Acts 16:6-7


ii)     It’s purpose is to release supernatural power:


·         (v23)  “Speak to the mountain – be removed”.

·         Mountain Ţ spiritual Kingdom resistant, opposing clear will of God.

·         The purpose of the command is to change what is seen/visible.

·         It is an expression of faith.

-          E.g. Matthew 12:28  I cast out by the Spirit of God.

·         The Holy Spirit works – A person commands the natural circumstances and spiritual force behind it.


iii)     Full of Faith:


- no risk.

·         Hindrances:

a) Unbelief:      - honours the natural realm superior to invisible Spiritual       realm.

   b) Materialism: - believes the material world rules over the Spirit world.

   c) Carnality:     -  honours the carnal mind over the Spiritual world.

   d) Fear:          - honours negativity above confidence in God and His Word.

·         Faith is focused on the invisible eternal realm of God – it is the channel by which the Spiritual enters the natural.


iv)    Assertive Commands:


·         “Be removed” – because of confidence in God’s Word and power there is an authority and assertiveness – requiring the natural circumstances to yield.

·         Faith is always strong and assertive and won’t let go.

·         Matthew 11:12  “Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence”

      – 973 – to apply force, effort.


v)    Flows from pure heart:


·         (v25) “and when you stand praying – forgive

Purity in your own heart.

   -  free from bitterness, anger, jealousy, fear, retaliation, etc.

*  Purity in you relationship.

   -  free from conflict.

   -  standing before God depends on your standing before others.



Prayer can change the natural by being a channel of the supernatural power of God.