Faith and Increase



1.   Introduction:


      Key verse for this year:  1 Corinthians 3:6

      Key Words: (i)  Faith – taking hold of God for the Releasing of the


                          (ii) Increase – People added in the local church

                                   – Bay City.


      This Term:             *  February:  21 days prayer and fasting  -  Focus:  God

                        *  March:  40 days of purpose                  - Focus:  Purpose

                        *  April:  Mandarin Convention                -  Focus:  Mission

                                      Heavens Gates - Hells Flames      -  Focus:  Mission


2.   Focus is on Increase:


(a)  Acts 2:48  “..and the Lord added to the church daily such as

                             should be saved..”



(b)  Must breakthrough to a new level:


*  People saved – Believe!

*  People added – Belong!

*  People committed to build the church. 

  Must focus effort on increasing or influence in the city – people.


3Increase requires prayer:





·         Key purpose of Prayer:


(i) Develop a meaningful Relationship that is intimate and 

    ongoing with God.


·         Relationship => living in the constant awareness of the presence of God.

-          Jesus' life focused on the relationship – prayer and the  

      Word of God            .

-     Relationship develops the sinner servant sonship.


        (ii)  Establish Legal grounds for Supernatural Investments:


      Colossians 16:17


- God has given men free will – to obey or rebel.

- When man obeys – conditions are set up for God to move.


Eg.  Pharaoh did not release Israel until they prayed.  Exodus

   Israel did not prevail until Moses prayedExodus



4.   Increase requires Laborers:


      Mathew 9:36  “Pray the Lord of harvest – Send labourers”


·         God doesn't just do it!  - He uses people.

·         The key need is for labourers – people who will work, serve.

Eg.         - Noah builds an Arc.

               - Moses confronted Pharaoh.

- David destroyed Goliath.


- Nehemiah builds the walls.

- Peter preached.


      Mark 16:20 – “..and the Lord worked with them.. “ 


·                     Prayer and Fasting

·                     Life Purpose

·                     Invite friends – people attract people  


·                     Result – lack of supernatural increase.

·                     Colossians 2:19  “Body increases with the increase of



  Key factor: Faith  -  Vitality  -  Unity.


Lay aside your own interests – commit to building the house of God.  Increase.