Contend for the Supernatural #1



1.  Introduction:


Jude 1:3 - - “it was needful to me to write unto you and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints”


·       “Needful form” = 318 = distress, constraint to take urgent action.

·   The church had moved away from the Holy Spirit empowered people - - Drifting.

·   The original foundation of the doctrine and power were being eroded.

·   The Church needed to be “exhorted” = to call back, to call near.

·   “Exhort” = to call back to what you’ve had and not have now.


·       “Earnestly Contend” = 1864 = epagonizomai = to struggle, compete for a prize,

-          to contend with an adversary.

-          Root = agon = place of assembly for a gladiator or Olympic contest.

-          To exert oneself without distraction to obtain something of great value.


·       “Once delivered”  = 3860 =  to entrust, to transmit, to pass a baton.

·   The Apostles had entrusted doctrine and power to the church to advance the Kingdom.

·   Now the foundations eroded with compromise, permissive living.

·   The Church had change from early New Testament – full of faith - power – purity.

·   Now there’s a loss of passion, purity, commitment, power.

·   You need to arise and press through for an increase in miracles.


2.  The Church was Birthed in the Supernatural:


(a)  Supernatural      =  Anything above and beyond the natural realm.

                                       =  An affect on the natural world that cannot be

                                        explained by the natural laws.

                                    =  The overriding of natural laws, speeding up of

                          natural laws.



(b)  The God we serve is Supernatural -

·         Jeremiah 32:27  “I am the Lord God of all flesh – is anything to hard for Me?”

·         The Bible abounds in Supernatural intervention of God.      Luke 1:37 -  “Nothing impossible”


E.g.         (a) Old Testament – Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Elijah.

(b) Jesus’ Life – Supernatural birth, ministry, resurrection.

(c) Apostles – Trained by Jesus for the Supernatural.

                         Mark 3:14-16.

                         Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

(d) New Testament Church –

   Acts 2:1-4     Outpouring of  the Holy Spirit.

   Acts 2:41       3000 saved.

   Acts 4:1-4      5000 saved.

   Acts 5:14-16  Multitudes added.

   Acts 6:6         People gave their heart seeing miracles.

   Acts 9:32-35  Two whole cities came to the Lord.

·         New Testament Church was birthed and grew in the supernatural power.



3.  God is Restoring His Church:


(a)    Acts 3:21  Jesus will not return until the restitution of all things.


·         Times = 5330 = chronos = a period of time.

·         Restitution = 605 = to reconstitute to health, function, vitality.

·         There must be a change in the Church.

·         Samuel – operated in the corporate anointing and impacted the nation. (1 Samuel 7:13)


(b)    Restoration is ongoing.


·         E.g: Martin Luther; Wesley; Anabaptists; Brethren; Pentecostals

           : Healing Evangelism, Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles.

·         Haggai 2:7-9  Glory of latter have greater the glory of former.

                              Glory = Nature and power.

·         Romans 15:19  - - - fully preached the Gospel through mighty signs and wonders.

·         There must also be restoring of power to the Church.