Words and actions in the natural realm have impact on the spirit realm.

      All we say and do is observed in the spirit world.

      Our words and actions can empower demonic spirits to become active against us.

      Our words and actions can empower angels to become active on our behalf.

      e.g. Rev.8:3-5† Prayers of Godís people are seen and heard in the spirit realm.

      Angels carry our prayers before the presence of God and bring fire from God to us.

      e.g. Dan 10:12-13† Danielís prayers on earth released angelic activity in the spirit realm.

      Danielís prayers on earth triggered off spiritual conflict and warfare.

      His persistence in prayer and fasting resulted in a release of Godís power.




a) Commitments made upon earth are observed in the Spirit Realm

      Ecc. 5:10† We are worried not to make commitments lightly because of the spiritual consequences - angelic activity.

      Ecc. 10:20† Negative words (curses) spoken on earth are picked up and give power to demonic spirits (birds of the air).


b) Commitments made on earth give authority to God or Satan to act

      E.G. Ro.10:9-10

      Confession of allegiance to Christ as new Lord and master releases the power of the Spirit of God to work in our heart and life and save us.

      God has given people free will.† We have both responsibility and authority to determine the direction of our life.

      Commitment of your life to Christ gives authority to Christ over you.

      Daily you have power to yield to the purposes of God or frustrate them.


      E.G. Ex. 20:4-6

      Involvement by people in idolatry, occult practice gives authority to Satan to act.

      Commitments made by parents in one generation can give authority to demonic spirits to become active in families from generation to generation unless those commitments are canceled.


      E.G. Dedication

      When people dedicate themselves or their children to idols or false gods then authority is given for demonic spirits to act against the person and their children.

      Dedication or commitment to God marks the person or the children out - ĎThis one belongs to Godí.




      A covenant is a special kind of commitment set forth by God.

      A covenant is a set of words spoken that declare the nature of a relationship and set forth the principles of commitment to it.

      A covenant is a vow or an oath that seals relationship.





E.g. - Old Testament Example Gen.15:9-18

      God establishes a covenant with Abraham


i)    A relationship exists

ii)   A calf is slain, divided in two.† Both parties walk between the halves

iii) Words are spoken that:

†††††† -define the relationship

†††††† -undertake promises (Gen.17:4 ďAs for meĒ)

iv) There is a token (sign) of covenant (circumcision Gen.17:11)

v) Shedding of Blood - covenant is cut

vi) Celebration meal or celebration (Gen. 26:30)


E.G. Marriage Covenant

i)    A relationship exists

ii)   Father brings bride to altar (place of commitment) walking between two halves of congregation.

iii) Words are spoken that define the relationship 0 ĎHusband - Wifeí

iv) Promises are made of lifelong faithfulness and commitment.

v) Tokens of the Covenant - rings.

vi) Celebration meal - reception.

vii) Blood shed - first act intercourse

viii) Shared lives - faithfulness


E.G. Our Relationship with Christ

i)    Holy Spirit brings us to place of commitment to Christ at Fatherís bidding (Jn. 6:44)

ii)   Words are spoken that define the relationship ĎLord and Saviourí Rom.10:9

iii) Promises are made of lifelong faithfulness and commitment (2 Cor. 6:16-18)

iv) Tokens of the covenant - Holy Spirit is given (Eph.11-13)

v) Celebration Meal - communion (1 Cor.11:24)

vi) Blood shed - Christ died (Rev.12:11)

vii) Shared lives - faithfulness




      God places members in a local church as it pleases Him. (1 Cor. 12:18)

      Until people come together in a formal public declaration of their commitment the commitment to relationship is only assumed.

      Commitment to a local church is not about having a name on a roster but a commitment to relationship and shared lives

      membership involves commitment to promote, protect and participate in the vision and life of the local church family.

      Membership must be seen as a call of God not just eating at a restaurant.

      Membership releases the anointing particular to the local church to flow over members to fulfill the calling of the local church.† E.G. Bay City Outreach Centre - people experience -

      Love of God

      Prophetic - easy to hear voice of God

      Holiness - challenge to deal with issues in life

      Missions - challenge to evangelism and outreach

      Apostolic - challenge to confront spiritual darkness and pioneer.



      Spirit world observes the commitment made and does all it can to sabotage your ongoing walk with God and others.

      If God places or sets you in a local church you should never leave because of reaction but by revelation i.e. Godís direction.























































Do not attempt to answer all the questions:


1. Human Actions and the Spirit Realm


      Read Daniel 10:11-14

      What kind of commitment had Daniel made? (v12:1-2)

      What caused the release of the angel to come? (v12)

      What actions were completed with Danielís words? (v1-2)

      What was the reason for such a long delay in the answer? (v13)

      Why was there such a conflict in the spirit realm?

      What conclusions can you draw about the strength of spirit powers?† Who ultimately has the greatest power?

      How do our words affect the spirit realm?† Be Specific!

      How do our actions affect the spirit realm?† Be Specific!

      What impact did the prayers of Godís people have in Rev. 8:3-5?

      What do you think is meant by ďFire - cast to the earthĒ?


2. Commitments and Spiritual Power


      Read Exod. 20:3-6

      Can you give examples of modern day idolatry?

      What impact does it have upon a family when the father is involved in occult practice, idolatry e.g. Masonic Lodge.

      What does this suggest about the authority, responsibility of a father.

      Are you aware of any family Ďallegiancesí to spiritual powers whether intentional or done out of ignorance?

      What needs to be done to break these allegiances and bring spiritual freedom?† (Recognise, repent, release forgiveness, renounce, reclaim).

      What possible benefits come from dedicating children to the Lord?

      How does obedience affect the flow of Godís power and authority in our life?

      How does disobedience frustrate, to limit the flow of Godís power in our life?


3. Covenant Relationship


      Discuss the significance of different aspects of a wedding service.

      Why is making a public commitment so important?

      Share about your own marriage service - what elements of covenant formation were present?† Were absent?

      Why is faithfulness so important to covenant relationship?

      What is the significance of the communion service?

      Why is right attitude of heart so important?

      What is the spiritual significance of a public commitment

to Christ - water baptism

to the church - membership

      What responsibilities are part of church membership?

††††††††††† (promote - participate - protect)

      Why is our relationship to other believers so important?

      What possible affect does our personal life and walk with God have on other members of the church?

      Why is it so important to address the issues of sin and damaged or broken relationships?