Royal Priesthood #6

“Commissioned by God”


1. Introduction:


1 Peter 2:9  “ You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation a peculiar people that you should show forth the promises of Him who called you - - “


·         This is who we are now – we must learn to think like others and to act on what God says.

·         “Priesthood” – entered the presence of God on behalf of the others.  Exodus 28:29 (Name on heart)  Exodus 28:72

·         Royal”  = kingly by nature, by birth – destiny to rule, exert dominion.

·         Come into the presence of God:

(a)  Intimacy - * Worship

                      * Listening 

      (Come as a Child to the Father)


(b)  Commission –  * Apostolic Commission

                                * Governmental Prayer

        (Come as Ambassador of King)


·         Isaiah 6:1-8  “Whom shall I send – who will go for us”


2. We are Ambassadors of Christ:


2 Corinthians 5:20  - Now then we are ambassadors for Christ.


·         Ambassador       = a representative of a sovereign state.

- stands up before the king to receive directives.

- sent by the King – commissioned to speak on his behalf.

-    given a special status in the country he is sent to.

-    comes with authority to speak and act on behalf of the King. (not own interest)

-    resourced by that King to get the job done.

·         Every believer is an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven.

·         Called to act on behalf of the King to act in his name.

·         Called to advance the interests of the King (not advance own interests)

·         Eventually will be recalled to own country of citizenship – heaven (Philippians 3:20)

3. We have an Apostolic Commission:


Matthew 28:18-20  The great commission – not the great suggestion.


·         Go = take initiative – act as a representative.

·         Make disciples = God calls us to go (as a sent one) and to build.

·         Apostolic = root word = 649 = Apostello = to order, to go to a place appointed.

·         Apostolic =  person sent with things intended for someone  else.  (Mark 3:5)

                        =  place of sending is specific. (Matthew 15:24)

                        =  purpose of sending is specific.  (Mark 3:14-15)

                        =  Son = “Ben”  = builder of the house.

·         Apostolic Mentality = planning how to build, leave a legacy,

Build = new foundation, something is constructed, established, build pattern.

Bless  = people get touched and benefit from God’s goodness.

Genesis 13:3-4  Bethal = House of God,  Ai = heap stone.


NB.  Major difference blessing and building!!!

·         Church mentality needs to become apostolic.

      = “Send to build”


Characteristics of Apostolic People:


·         Luke 10:1-2  After these things Jesus appointed another 70 also.

·         Appoint = 322 = to lift something on high, exhibit it to behold.

=  to disclose what was hidden.

=  to upgrade to a new level or position spiritually.


·         These were not apostles but were sent by the same mandate.

·         Big difference between “Sent” – commissioned, acting on behalf of another and  “Went”  -  self initiated, acting on own initiative.

·         70 = number of spiritual significance = perfection of the purpose of God.

= The whole Church moving with an apostolic spirit and   mentality.

Eg. Numbers 11:25

Eg. 1 Samuel 19-20

Eg. Team Indonesia

·         Note the Characteristics:


(1) Spiritual Upgrade: (v2) Apostolic Breakthrough Anointing,

·       Carrying a new level of anointing and authority.

·       Apostolic anointing is for breakthroughs and anointing.

·       These “sent” with connection to apostle carry the same anointing.


(2)       Team Work: (v2)

·         Went 2x2 into the region – Power of Partnership and Agreement.

·         Problem in West / Church is individualism in expense of corporate responsibility.

·         Not about me, my ministry, what I did for Christ.

·         Apostolic mentality is about building a strong local church.

·         We must learn how to work and function as a team, body.

·         NB.  Ephesians 2:20-22  Build it together.

Jude 6:14-16  * Go – I have sent  * - “One man


(3)       Send to a Region:

·         Apostolic  = “to send”

                       =  send by someone to same place for something!

·         Apostolic mandate is given by God  - He defines Where!

·         Note: Apostles from America coming to N.Z. – no great miracle.

·         Is your mentality “sent” or “went” in relation to your job and community?

·         Paul – sent to gentiles; Peter sent to Jews.

·         Call of God on Bay City:  Sent to Hawke’s Bay.

                                                   Sent to Nations.

·         You must endure difficulties and breakthrough – do not go to “greener grass”.


(4)     Send for a Purpose: (v 3)


·         The harvest is great but the labourers are few.

·         The purpose is to ‘make disciples’ – teach obedience to Christ.

·         This requires breaking through governing spiritual powers, requires changing mentalities and lifestyles of people.

·         Disciples were sent to make strategic attachments on the on the demonic structures in the region in preparation for Jesus’ coming.

·         v17-19  Disciples successfully confronted demonic spirits and saw lives dramatically changed.  (Matthew 12:28)


NBDeliverance is a manifestation of the Kingdom of Christ.

Whom shall I send? – Who will go for us?


(5 )  Send as Representatives - Delegates:


·         Authority they carried was delegated – given – they were connected/ joined to Jesus and His mission/cause connected.

·         The authority comes from the one who sent – represented him  - Submitted.

·         Sent: Not only by Christ the head – also sent by Church headship – Apostolic Leadership.

                       - Connected to leadership and Missions.