Eph. 3:8 - 11


·      The church was purposed by God to express His wisdom.

·      The church is central to fulfilling the purposes of God in the earth.

·      The church is unique - Body of Christ and the channel of His power and glory.

·      The church is a powerful Body of people and a threat to the devil.

·      The church is God’s instrument to reach a lost world and bring faith and hope.

·      The church is God’s base for revival - where God’s presence and power shake the city and brings salvation to people.

·      Jesus will not return to a defeated depressed confused little flock - He is coming for a church filled with power, faith, obedience.

·      Don’t despise the church - stand firm and build it - it is the hope of our city.



            Mt. 16:15 - 19


a)  Gen. 28:17 - 19 First mention of house of God, church - Bethel - House of God, Gate, Place of Jacob encounter with angels, supernatural revelation.


b)  Simon = nt - To hear

·      Peter = nt - Petros = rock

·      Rom. 10:17 Faith comes by hearing - hearing the Word of God.

            -ordinary fisherman about to be transformed into nation changers

            -not natural ability - revelation.  Holy Spirit spoke to an open hungry heart.

            -Faith a dynamic force released within our spirit by the Word of God.

·      Name - Bible names have meaning, purpose.

            -Prophesied concerning persons life, purpose, direction.

            -Jesus calls forth God’s purpose, potential of this man.


c)  Jn. 3:6-7 you must be born again - changed within by faith.

·      Rom. 1:16 Gospel is the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes.

·      Power of Holy Spirit released within heart when man believes.  God ready to birth        the life of Jesus in us when we repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

·      God wants to do more than just birth his life in us. 

·      He wants to grow the life of Jesus - his character and traits through us. 

·      He wants to flow the power of Jesus through us.





“I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH” - It will become all Jesus intends.


a)The church belongs to Jesus Christ ‘ “My Church” “My People”. 

·      Acts 20:28  He has purchased it with His own blood - high personal price.

·      Church exists to fulfill the purpose of its creator.  He is the head and makes the decisions (Eph. 1:22 - 23).

b)  Prov. 29:28

·      Vision =      {God’s directive to the local church - to build must have vision.

                        {God’s blueprint



·      Everything God does begins with vision - easy to understand.  Without vision people cast off restrain - opportunities, resources wasted.  Vision defines the focus, nature, identity, work of a local church.

·      Vision provides the uniting and motivating force for its members.

·      When join local church - submit to Jesus and His will and plans for that church.  Become joined to a people and a purpose.

·      Church becomes united as it moves in same direction working towards a common objective.  No place for private projects or personal promotion.


c)  Commitment

·      All growth and strength comes from commitment.

·      We must choose what we will commit our time and talents to building.  A life makes demands on us to commit.  Must set priorities on what we value.

·      Acts 2:42 - 44

·      Every believer in the local church actively involved.

·      All believed, all were motivated, all moved in the same direction.

·      All were committed - prayer, teaching, fellowship, giving.

·      Tremendous power when church is committed to Christ to God’s plan for the church, to one another, to winning souls.

·      Neh.: 2:18 Let us arise up and build and they strengthened their hand for this good work.  v19 Laughed to scorn, despised, accused.

·      Opposition arises immediately men determine to build the church.

·      The Devil fears a faith filled powerful church - it is a threat.




·      “Gates of hell shall not prevail against it” = Militant.

·      Prevail (2729) To overpower, exercise force that brings it down.

·      Gates of hell Gates = places of entry, places of governmental authority.


a)The Church has an overcoming nature, a prevailing power.

·      It is not just a collection of individuals but a limited body with special corporate anointing that makes it a threat to the devil.

·      Church is the Army of God - Believers are soldiers of Jesus Christ.

·      2 Tim. 2:3 Endure hardness as good soldier of Jesus Christ.  No man that wars entangles himself in affairs of this life that he may please him who has chosen him to be a soldier.

      -every believer is enrolled in the army of God and engaged in conflict.

      -every believer must be trained and equipped for the battle.

      -1 Jn. 4:4 Must become conscious of prevailing power of the Holy Spirit resident         within - Greater!

      -1 Jn. 5:4 Must recognise that the victory that overcomes the world is our faith.


b)Faith is an inner force within our spirit that enables us to overcome.

·      We are responsible for using and increasing the measure of faith God has given us.

·      Faith receives what God says, believes it, acts on it even if circumstances seem to point in the opposite direction.






c)The Church is commissioned by Christ Himself i.e. set apart for God with a specific      mandate.

·      All members are commissioned as ministers.

·      We are commissioned to:

1)  Win the Lost

2)  Assimilate into membership

3)  Build atmosphere worship

4)  Develop and mature believers

5)  Train and release people to minister

·      Devil will do all he can to sow division, weaken, cause adversity and setbacks among members so don’t go forward.

·      God has role for every believer in His army.




·      “I will give to you keys - bind and loose”

·      Keys:  Used to open locked doors and to lock open doors.

·      The natural, visible realm is influenced by the unseen realm of the spirit where demonic spirits exercise authority over people, cities and nations.

·      To extend the Kingdom of God is to extend the rule of Jesus Christ by invading areas held in bondage by the powers of darkness.

·      The church is given authority to move in supernatural realm of the spirit.  To be effective it must develop strong spirit life, a strong corporate anointing that influences the atmosphere of the city.  Every member can draw from the atmosphere of the city.  Every member can draw from the anointing over the local church and carry it into the community.

·      The Word and the Spirit of God provide all the keys needed to:

1)  Release the resources of God             }           PRAY AND

2)  Restrain the works of darkness           }           OBEY

·      Each believer must learn to trust Christ, hear from Him and act on what God is saying.  This causes a whole atmosphere of faith and expectancy within which the Holy Spirit moves powerfully and the church grows.

·      God’s people must be able to live and flow in the supernatural firmly grounded on the Word and able to exercise its authority and use its weapons.

·      God’s purpose is for a strong dynamic growing church increasing its impact and influence within the community and beyond by winning souls to Christ and discipling them to follow Him.



















·      Don’t attempt to cover all the questions

·      Pray about what areas need to be emphasised

·      Discover what areas of Sunday’s message:

      -were new and challenging

      -really stirred them

      -bought a reaction


1.  The Church was purposed by God to express His wisdom (Eph. 3:10)


·      Why do you think God wants to use people to deal with demonic powers rather than just do it himself?

·      What is meant by “the wisdom of God”?  Can you think how it might be expressed through us.


2.  The Church - a place men encounter God and are supernaturally changed (Mt 16:15 - 17)


·      How did you first come to “know” in your heart who Jesus Christ is?

·      Have you had an experience of God that affected your life?  Was it in a church gathering?


3.  The Church - a place men are called to Vision and Commitment (Mt. 16:18)


·      For what purposes has Jesus raised up the church (Evangelism, Assimilate to Belong, Grow and Mature, Train and Release, Corporate Worship).

·      Can you state the Vision God has given to this church.

·      Why is vision so important to any group of people (Prov. 29:28).

·      Why do you think it important every member of the church is actively involved.


4.  The Church - Place men are commissioned to Serve God (Mt. 16:18)


·      What does it mean “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church?

·      What does this tell you about the nature of the church?  In what ways is it like an army?

·      Why is it so important to develop in the individual members a strong personal prayer life and knowledge of the Word of God?

·      What has Jesus commissioned the church to do?


5.  The Church - a Place where men are trained, anointed and released into Supernatural Living (Mt 16:9)


·      In what way is there a connection between what happens on earth and what happens in the spirit realm?

·      Can you think of an action you took in response to the Holy Spirit leading that resulted in “release” in a relationship.

·      Why is obedience to the Word of God so important to living in God’s provision and being able to pray with authority.