Contend for the Supernatural #4

“Building an Atmosphere for Miracles”



1.  Introduction:


Jude 1:3 - - “it was needful to me to write unto you and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints”



·       Earnestly Contend” = 1864 = epagonizomai = to struggle, compete for a prize,

·       Faith => (i)  Doctrine – Teachings of the Word of God.

                   (ii)  Power     -  Manifest of supernatural  power of God.

a)  Miracles are part of God’s provision for our life to have impact.

·         Miracles – provision – healing – deliverance – finance – breakthrough – prayers answered.

·         Don’t settle for a powerless life:

        -  Form without power.  ( 2 Tim 3:5 – form of godliness)

        -  Talk without power.  ( 2 Cor 4:20 – not in word – in power)

        -  Character without power.(Mark 3:14 – send – to have power)


b)  Miracles flourish where there is a strong atmosphere of desire and expectation.

      Mark 6:5-6  “He could do no mighty work there….”

·           Unbelief and dishonour create an atmosphere resistant to miracles. 

Mark 6:55-56  “… as many as touched him were made whole”

·           Hunger and expecting an atmosphere where miracles abound.

·           The people’s attitude, actions and words released the supernatural power of God.

·           The more you expect God to work – the more He works.

·           When the Holy Spirit is expected and welcomed with expectancy => MIRACLES.   


2.  Keys to Building an Atmosphere for Miracles:


#1.  Hunger for the Presence of God:

  Mark 6:55  “… they ran through the whole region.”

·         If you want miracles then pursue the miracle worker – Jesus Christ the source.

·         Religious spirit resists this hunger – focuses on empty form.

·         Hunger for God is an appetite that can be stirred up.

·         Too much junk food destroys your appetite.

·         Psalm 27:4  “One thing than I desired of the Lord and that will I seek after.”

·         Continue to hunger for encounters with God and respond to His presence.

·         They ran => urgency, longing, hunger to encounter Christ.

·               Daily time with God.

·               Weekly corporate gathering.


#2.  Expectation of Miracles:

       Mark 6:55  “…. Began to carry about in beds those that were sick.”

·         Expectation creates an atmosphere filled with excitement e.g. Christmas.

·         Expectation = to anticipate, look forward to something good.

·         Passivity = spirit that quenches our expectation – makes people childish, unrespectable.

·         Expectation => God can – God has done it – God will do it again.

·         Acts 3:5 – “He gave head to them expecting to receive -> Healed.

·         Miracles flourish in an atmosphere of expectation.


#3.  Talking about Miracles:

        Mark 6:55 “…. Where they heard that he was”.

·         Miracles flourish in an atmosphere where people talk about the Power of God.

·         What ever is in your heart will come out your mouth.

·         Negativity = focussing and speaking out failure,


                        =  a spirit that affects people with unbelief.

·         Filling heart and mouth with the Word of God takes effort – time.

·         Numbers 13:30 “Let us go up at once and possess it – we are well able”.

·         Matthew 9:21  “For she said within herself – ‘if I may touch his garment I shall be whole”.

What are you saying within yourself?  What is your focus of heart?  Of words?


#4.  Unity:

        Mark 6:55-56  “that whole region”, whenever he entered into the  villages and cities …”

·         Miracle flourish in an atmosphere where people are united – one heart.

·         Psalm 133:3  “…for there the Lord commanded the blessing”.

·         Discord – one of the greatest hinderness to an atmosphere filled with miracles.    

·         Unity => Working to remove unresolved offences.

               => Agreeing to yield to direction and leadership of the Holy Spirit.

·         Acts 2:1 “One accord in one place … suddenly there came a noise from heaven”.

·         2 Chronicles 5:13-14  “… as one, to make one sound … the house was filled with a cloud”.


#5.  Boldness:

       Proverbs 28:1

·         Miracles flourish in an atmosphere were people speak and act boldly.

·         Mark 6:56  “…they laid the sick out in the streets”.

·         Timidity is a spirit that fills the atmosphere with fear and quenches the Holy Spirit.

·         God loves boldness – Go outside your comfort zone, ask for miracles.

·         Mark 10:48-49  “.. he cried out all the more - - and Jesus stood still….”

The leper refused to be intimidated or silenced – he cried out boldly.

·         Mark 2:5  “…he saw their faith”.

The men refused to be stopped – they tore a hole in the roof – boldly.


#6.  Passionate Prayer:

        Mark 6:50  “.. they besought him”.

·         Passionate prayer coupled with fasting build an atmosphere for miracles.

·         God honours prayer and fasting - with miracles.

·         Apathy – a spirit that quenches miracles, can’t be bothered, too much effort.

·         Matthew 17:21 – This kind only goes out by prayer and fasting.


#7.  Believe for Miracles:

       Mark 6:50  “…. Besought him that might touch him”.

·         Miracles flourish in an atmosphere where people believe the Word of God.

·         Unbelief is a spirit that quenches supernatural power of God. Mark 6:5

·         Galatians 3:5  Miracles occur through the learning of faith.