Contend for the Supernatural #2

“Building an Atmosphere for Miracles”


1.  Introduction:


Jude 1:3 - - “Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints


·     Earnestly contend” = 1864 = epagonizomai = to struggle, contend or fight an adversary for a prize.

·     Faith = Doctrine and Power that was entrusted to the early church.

·     Delivered = 3860 = to entrust something precious, to commit e.g. like baton in relay.

·     There is resistance and opposition to the church moving in the Supernatural Power of God.

1 Corinthians 4:20  “The Kingdom of God is not in word but in Power.”

·     The ministry of Paul was not just knowledge but in demonstration of the Power of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 2:4)

·     Bible knowledge puffs people up with pride – we must have the power of the Holy Spirit transforming us.


·     God does not change - God of Yesterday did great miracles

                                           - Jesus is the same Today (Hebrew 13:8)

                                           - Jesus still does Miracles.


·     Miracles are part of God’s plan and provision for your life to make impact.

·     Don’t draw back from disappointment, discouragement – stir self – contend!


Genesis 21:14 – 19 Hagar sat alone in the desert, weeping with despair, son dying of thirst – “And God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water . . . .”  


·     Miracle of provision was just beyond her reach, hidden out of sight.

·     Faith enables us to see beyond circumstances to hidden provision of God.

·     We must open our eyes, ears, spirit man to hear and see what God has.


 2.  Miracles flourish in a strong Spiritual Atmosphere:


(a)  Atmosphere:

·     Definition: The mass of air around us, a prevailing influence.

·     Natural atmosphere e.g. humid = invisible environment that effects us - air and water.

·     Atmosphere can be polluted and have a harmful affect on us.

·     All living things need an environment that favours then flourishing.

·     Atmosphere can be built:

    e.g. Romantic – subdued lights, candles, water.    

                        -  music, meal.


(b)  Spiritual Atmosphere:

·     Definition: The surrounding spiritual influences that prevail to affect and influence people.

·     Spiritual atmospheres are filled with spiritual substance: Demonic or Holy Spirit.

·     The Spiritual atmosphere can be “heavy”, “oppressive”, “and resistant to miracles”.

·     The prevailing spiritual atmosphere over a city affects thinking of all who dwell in it.

·     Spiritual atmosphere can be resistant to miracles.

Mark 6:5     “He could do no mighty work ....” - Unbelief

Mark 6:44   “And those who ate of the loaves – 5000 men

Mark 6:56   “And as many as touched him were made whole!”


(c)  Spiritual Atmosphere can be Built:


·       Matthew 11:12  “The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence – violent - take it by force.

·       Violence = 971 = to exert effort, be forcible, overcome spiritual resistance.

·       There is strong opposition to Kingdom of God manifesting miracles resistance.

·       People can arise and alter the spiritual atmosphere so miracles can be released.  


3. Building an Atmosphere for Miracles:


(i)      Strong Desire:


1 Corinthians 12:3   “Covet earnestly the best gifts”

·         Covet earnestly = 2206 = to burn with passion or longing for something valuable.

·         E.g. “Gold Fever”

·         Must pursue God with passion – must long to see His power released.

·         Hunger for God and hunger for His power to manifest.

·         Position yourself so you can receive from the Men of God by impartation.

·         Mark 11:23  “Whatsoever things you desire when you pray – believe.


(ii)        Fervent Prayer and Fasting:


James 5:16  “…the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much”


·         Fervent = passionate, zealous, on fire, intense.

·         Releases much power into the earth when praying fervently in harmony of the Word.

·         Focus on Prayer: Intimacy and the Kingdom of God will be coming forth.

·         Prayer and Fasting released miracle power in Jesus’ life.      Luke 4:14

·         Prayer and Fasting released the power to break bondages. Matthew 17:21


(iii)       Faith – Believing heart:


Mark 9:23  “If you can believe – all things are possible to him that believes”.

John 14:12  “He that believes in Me – the works I do shall he do also”.

Mark 16:17  “These signs follow them that believes”.


·         It is easy to become discouraged, disappointed and gripped with unbelief.

·         The Western Church is full of unbelief and cynicism.


(iv)     Confessing the Word of God:


Mark11:23  “Whosoever shall speak to this mountain be removed”.


·         Whatever is in your heart will overflow out of your mouth. (Matthew 12:34)

·         It takes time and effort to fill your heart with the will of God – Meditation!

·         You must learn to agree on the Word of God and speak it forth.

·         Hebrew 10:38  “Hold fast the confession of our faith without wearing”.


(v)               Practicing the Presence of God:

(vi)             Expecting:

(vii)            Unity:



(v, vi, vii - to continue on next teaching)