Purpose Driven life #3

Loving God’s Family


1. Introduction:


Mark 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your  soul ….”


·         You were created for a purpose – The Word of God explains God’s purpose for you and me.

·         1st Purpose = Worship – you were created to know and to love God.

Worship – is much more than just music, songs – worship

 = presenting yourself to God.

·         God desires to have a family – children – He is building a family for Himself.

·         God is building an external family – one that will last forever.

·         1 Peter 2:17 – “Love the brotherhood” ie, “Love the brotherhood of believers” (NIV)

·        Brotherhood = 81 = “from the same whom”.


2.  2nd Purpose = Fellowship- (You wre created to love the family of God)


1 John 4:21  “This commandment we have from Him that he who loves God, love his brother also.


·         Fellowship – a word that is misused – it means much more than talking!

·         Fellowship = Loving the family of God.

·         Hebrews 2:11  “Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made hoy are of the same family”.

      So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.(NIV)

·         A Christian is a person who has trusted Christ and been born again – into family. (Galatians 3:26)

·         Jesus is not ashamed to call us family – Christians are Jesus’ family.

·         Mark 3:35 “Who soever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, my sister, my mother”.

·        The family of God is a spiritual family – God’s family  - outlast natural family.

·        The key characteristic of God’s family is: They seek to bring pleasure to Him.




3. Identifying with Christ and His Family:


Hebrews 2:11  “He is not ashamed to call them brothers”, (family).


·         Jesus is not ashamed to identify openly with His people.

·         Believers need to identify with Christ openly and publicly.

·         Matthew 25 – If you show kindness or bless His family members – you do the same to Jesus, if you curse or hate His family members – you curse and hate Jesus.


(a)  Baptism – Identify with Christ:


Romans 6:3,4 “--- burried with him by baptism into death”


·         Baptism = A public identification with Jesus Christ, death and  


·         Baptism = Burial - proclaiming publicly death/separation from old 


                        The old life was self-centred, living in sin for self.

·         Baptism = Proclaiming publicly the beginning of a new life in


                        A New Life is centred on pleasing God.

·         Have you been Water baptized yet?


(b)  Membership = Identify with the Family of God:


1 Corinthians 12:13  “By one Spirit are we all baptized into one body”.


·         At new birth the Holy Spirit places us into a new family.

·         God positions us in the right place in our church  - Not ourselves.

·         God puts people in His chosen church, not where you want them to go.

·         God puts people in A Church for A purpose.

·         The Family of God is the Church(1 Timothy 3:15).

·         Church is not a building, not a place; it is a family you belong to.

·         Membership is about belonging to the family of God – a specific local church.

·         Stick to one home (Church) – Membership = connect with one family/church. You can’t be in different families. Don’t be a

     “ cafeteria family” – move from one to another.

·         Each Family has their own trademark – discover which trademark you belong to. E.g. Children carry specific familiarities from their parents – by ways of a look, head turn, likings of certain tastes etc.

·         Natural Family – comes to an end, Spiritual Family – are forever.

Natural family – can neglect God.

Natural Family – reflection of the true family of God.

·         Jesus loves His family – You can’t say to Him; “I’ll love you but hate your family”.

·         Fellowship = Loving the family of God – it is very specific and very practical.

·         We are foreigners to the world.


4.  4 Different levels of Fellowship:


(iLevel one:  MembershipChoosing to belong:


-          Ephesians 2:19  “You are members of God’s household/You belong to the family of God” (TLB)

-          You need to find a church family and choose to connect to it.

-          Christianity is more than just believing, it’s also about belonging.

-          Belonging is a choice; you choose to belong to a local church.

-          1 Corinthians 12:18  “God sets the members, everyone of them in the body as it has pleased Him.

Set = 5087 = to position, purpose, appoint, commission.

He initiates, we respond.

Everyone – God has a positioning, a place He purposed for you to belong.

-          God positions people into different churches, areas and it’s for the people to obey and say ‘yes’ to were God wants them to be.

-          God places people were He could use them to their full potential and to bring pleasure to God.

-          Like different parts of the body – God places you in to a certain part of the family (church) to function.

-          Members choose to belong.

-          “Bringing pleasure to God”đ discover where He wants you to belong even in the community.  React to it.


(iiLevel 2: Relationship – Choosing to Share:


-          You were created for relationship (Genesis 2:18  “not good for man to be alone”

-          Life is not a solo act – you need relationships.

Hebrews 10:25  “Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together.

-          Can’t develop relationships without:  (i) Meet together.

                                                                       (ii) Sharing.

-          Choose to develop relationships by making time to meet and to share. You need to share/give of yourself. Sacrifice – time, money, emotional self.

-          No relationship – malfunctioning – you become lonely.

-          It doesn’t just happen! – You must choose to make time

      = disclosure!

-          Sharing?  (a) Experiences. (Proverbs 27:27 Iron sharps Iron)

·         Learn from the experiences and insights of others.

                       (Proverbs 20:5)


                       (b) Home.  (1 Deuterenonomy 4:9 - Use hospitality 

                             without grudging)

·         Cheerfully open your home to others.

·         You can’t fellowship in a big crowd – need small

                                  group – home.


                             (c) Problems. (Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s


·         You don’t have to fix peoples problems. (Freedom   


·         Give encouragement and support – this is a

                                   primary purpose of God.


                             (d) Recourses. (1 John 3:16 “not love in word but in

                                   deed and in truth.)

·         Practical help.




(iii) Level 3:  Partnership = Choosing to do your Part.


·         Not called to “soak in a spiritual spa”- you must do your part.

·         Every family has responsibilities/choices/tasks to do. Be actively busy.

·         1 Corinthians 2:9  “We are co-labourers with Christ”

·         To do your part you need to find “where you fit” and contribute.

·         Discovery course!


(iv) Level 4: Friendship/Sonship.


·         John 15:13  “Greater love has no man than this, lay down his life for his friends”.

·         Life is not about accomplishments – it is about relationships.

·         At the end of life – Dying – never say bring my diplomas – you say, bring my family and friends.

·         Covenant friendship, same spirit, same attitude, carry the heart of your church.

·         1 John 4:20,21

·         1 John 3:10-12

·         Must learn to love real people, not ‘ideal’ people.

·         No one in church is ideal.

·         Spiritual Caning” , Bible bashing – is not a way to build up a relationship with “Family”.