7 September 2003                                                            1                                          The Legacy of a Father



The Legacy of a Father





·      Proverbs 17:6   “The Glory of Children are their Fathers”


(1) Pray  for and bless children:


·         At Birth   -        Father needs to hold children

-                Pray and break all generational curses

-                Speak blessing over the child


·         During live    -     Prayer provides hedge of Spiritual Protection

-       Prayer opens the way for the Holy Spirit to move – Help,


·         Bless            -    Lay hands on children & impart their life

-          Bedtime, morning as they go to school


(2) Honour and Love their Mother


Ephesians 6:2   Honour father & mother – that it may go well for you

-          Honour  =>  to prize, place value upon, treat with respect

-          Example of Father is consistently seen by “little eyes”

-  Father sets the standard    *  How to relate to a woman

-          How to make marriage work

-          Values are absorbed & then repeated in the next generation

-          Strong loving relationship – security, model

-          Neglect & abuse – Bitterness spreads to next generation

-          Never speak disrespectfully or allow children to do so



(3)   Speak encouragement into their soul


Ephesians 6:4   “Fathers – bring children up in training & instruction of the Lord”

·         Nurture – Skill of placing words of affirmation & value

·         Fathers words have powerful impact to bless or curse

·         Withholding words of value starve the soul

7 September 2003                                                                            The Legacy of a Father




·         Eg. Luke 3:22   “The Father nurtured Jesus”

·         Speak words        1.  Personal Value

                                                     2.  Confidence in Child

3.    Success in Life


·         Words powerfully impact children and teenagers

·         Genesis 27:34  When words of blessing were withheld Esau felt deeply hurt, bitter, angry at his brother


(4)   Bring Direction & Discipline


Ephesians 4:2  “Bring up in the nature and admiration of the Lord”

·         Nature of the Lord:     -  Read the Word

                                                            -  Explain principles for success

                                                            -  One direction, what to do & why?

·         Admiration  =  “to call attention to”

-          Need to set standard/values in the home

-          Discipline  = To teach responsibility for words/action

-          Bible Meditate is to train children – against modern philosophies          


                                            { Proverbs 22:6  “Train up a child in the way it should go” = to                           

                               NB        {                            narrow

                                            {  Proverbs 29:15  “ Pod & reproof = wisdom – child left to 

                                            {                                self brings mother to shame

-          Call children to account for words/actions

-          Require respect & obedience to basic family values


(5)  Give them Work to do

·         Work is very important to develop chance to be productive

·         John 17:4  Jesus completed the work that the Father gave Him to do

·         Fathers assign responsibilities – share in household life

·         Follow through to see work completions

·         Give direction and encourage in life direction/training


      (6)  Teach them how to handle Money


             Proverbs 13:22 “Good men leaves inheritance for children’s children”

·         Money  =  Life in tangible form: Waste money = Waste life

·         Teach principles : work, save, tithe, give, invest, honesty.

·         For inheritance to reach the grandchildren


Father:  (1)  Has heart for next generation

              (2)  Purposefully sets aside - saves

              (3)  Helps children learn how to handle money

              (4)   Helps children get established financially 


7 September 2003                                                    3                                               Legacy of a Father




(7)   Speak his mind over choice of Marriage Partner

·         Most important decision children will make in their live

·         That decision affects the next generation – whether legacy passed

·         Survey of group broken marriage – None had been approved by father

·         Father is a door – approval is important

                                                     -  sees what you may not see


·         Speak, not be polite – disapprove if feel choice is wrong

·         Speak words of blessing over marriage

·         eg.  Jesus: John 6:44   “No man can come to me unless the Father who has sent me draws him”

·         eg:  Genesis 24   “Give instruction about choice of life – servant prayed for success


What if the situation already failed?


Eg:  Solo Parent


 *  Look to the Lord for help and direction       Psalm 27:10/John 14: 18

 *  Be upfront about the mistake/consequences

 *  Put right with father  - seek his help and input

 *  Teach children respect for father

 *  Provide godly input to child

 *  Don’t repeat the mistake