1.            Introduction

Mt 11:12 “Kingdom advances forcefully – forceful men lay hold”


·         Kingdom is the realm where Jesus rules, His word is obeyed.

·         Requires a forceful attitude to obtain God’s promises, to advance God’s interests.

·         Every advancement of the purpose of God encounters resistance from spiritual powers.


2.            Understanding the Prophetic Season

Ecc.3:1 “To everything there is a season, time for every purpose. 

cf Ecc 8:5-6


·         Season – an appointed time, period during which conditions for certain action.

·         Must recognise season and cooperate with timing, prophetic purpose of God.

·         Everything must be in balance:  Love/Hate;  War/Peace.

·         Dt.2:3 Compassed this mountain long enough = change in season – timing.

·         Mountain – that which resisted the purpose of God, original plan – turn = changed mentality – v24 “contend in Battle”.


3.            Face Your Strongholds

Stronghold – fortified position, system thinking contrary to the Word of God.


(a)  Definition         – Home of Lies – place of demonic spirits – meditate, live

   and operate

- Mindset that opposes knowledge of God, filled with deception.

·         Like a mountain you go around and around – pattern of sin, failure, immaturity.

·         Pattern of sin : Person believes lies, unable to change, repetitive sin.  Heb. 12:2 “lay aside every weight, sin – Focus on Jesus.

·         Pattern of ‘childishness’ – person remain irresponsible, immature instead of growing up.

- 1 Corinthians 3:11 – spoke, understood and reasoned as a child.  – Put away childish thing.


(b)  Develop Progressively

Begin with a willingness to co-operate.

·         Thoughts (feelings) – action (feeling) – habits – character – destiny (lifesyle)

·         Supporting strongholds, build that which co-operates to reinforce lie.

e.g.      stealing – lying

            sexual sin – deception

e.g.      Rejection – fear – fantasy.


(c)  Impact on Life

i)    Oppose the knowledge of God – intimacy, relationship

ii)   Oppose purpose of God – frustrate prophetic destiny

iii)    Limit potential what could be and could do.

iv)   Fills mind/emotions with lies/deception – “that is just me” and controls life.


John 8:32 – requires truth to set us free.


Dt. 2:36 – there was not one city too strong for us – Lord delivered all to us.


·         All things are possible to him that believes!

·         Key to victory The Lord delivered all into our hands – timing, obedience, engaged the enemy.

·         God worked with them and on their behalf to ensure victory.

·         We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us (Ro. 8:32)


4.            Engage the Enemy

Dt 2:24  I have given into your hand … begin to possess it, contend with him in the battle.


·         Promise of Victory assured – “I have given” – You must believe God.

·         Sihon – represents the demonic realm that resists and opposes advancement.

§  Sihon = to wipe away by storm, tempestuous or stormy

§  Amork = one that dwells in the mountains or high places

§  Heshbon = device, reasoning, something fabricated, a device

·         Our enemies are unseen spiritual forces that operate from spirit world.

·         Battle is not with people (flesh and blood) but spiritual forces.

·         Must recognise the nature of the conflict and understand how to win.


·         Rise up and take your Journey

·         Rise up – to stir up, stand up, decree = New mentality attitude.

·         Take journey = to pull the tent pins = prepare self for change by pulling out everything that keeps you locked to where your live.


·         Possess and Contend

·         Possess = to occupy by driving out the previous inhabitants and take their place – whatever has ruled your life you must take dominion and dispossess.

·         Contend = to stir up, cause to anger, create a dispute – deliberate decision to confront what has kept you held down.

·         Battle – an engagement, face to face conflict, rt to prevail over.

·         No quick fix to long standing personal issues – engage with victory in mind.


·         V36 Not one too strong for us (strong = inaccessible, exalted, high place).