·         “Avoid” =      [to shun, refrain from facing, keep away from

Dict.             [to evade, run away from

[to make void or empty


“Avoid”         =      to refuse to face and take personal responsibility for your

words, actions, problems or conflicts because you are unwilling to grow and change.


·         Avoidance Strategies:

(i)  Deny it exists (ii) Put if off (iii) Minimise  (iv) Pass responsibility to another

(v) Reacting when it is raised (vi) hoping it will just “go away”.

NB  Rust does not go away – it advances steadily.


·         Hidden Strongholds

·         Behind the behaviour are hidden spiritual strongholds.

·         Stronghold = a fortification, a mindset, a way of thinking which is contrary to the Word of God.

·         “Fear” = A house of lies (Frangipine) demonic spirits hide, live and work in secrecy.

·         Question: What issues have you been ‘going around’ or avoiding?



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4.           No Progress Without Decision and Strategy


  • Dt. 2:24 – 25  “Arise, take your journey – begin to possess, to contend in battle.”
  • To move into prophetic purpose God must have a changed mentality.
  • You are not a victim – overcomer; not the tail – the head.
  • “Arise” = to stir up, to stand up, to face the issues.
  • “Possess” = to occupy by driving out the previous inhabitants.
  • Battle = an engagement – must be present and engaged!

(1)          Evaluate Life

(2)          Own & confess area of failure

(3)          Develop strategy for change

·         Agreement with God

·         Prayer and fasting

·         Practical lifestyle change

(4)          Accountability relationships


  • (V 36 There was not one city too strong for us!