30 November 2003                                                          1                                                       Keys to producing Fruit #5

                                                                                                                                                 Neither Barren Nor Unfruitful





                                Keys to Producing Fruit #4

                                Neither Barren Nor Unfruitful


1.    Introduction:


·         God's purpose for every believer is that we will be fruitful.

·         Romans 7:4 – That we should bring forth fruit to God.


            Illustration of Marriage:

·         Married to the person for life, unless the person dies.

·         Now married to Jesus Christ – the purpose bring forth fruit.

·         Now no longer live under duty, law – have the Spirit God within.


·         There are two areas God calls us to be fruitful;

i)    Character     - Galatians 5:22          - fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace...

ii)   Good works - Colossians 1:10       - being fruitful in every good work.


·         “Walk Worthy”     =>  Lifestyle that represents God well.

·         “Pleasing Him”     =>  Lifestyle of faith – trusting & depending on the Word of God.

·         “Fruitful”               =>  Works not enough, need to be active serving God.

                                   =>  Every good work – not just the ones we like, God's covenant is safe.

·         “Increasing”         =>  Growing in Knowledge of God, ways, commands, how He works.



2.    Don't Put Off Serving Christ:


    Haggai 1:7-10   “….the earth stayed from her fruit”.


·         Prophetic picture of the restoration of the house of God – the Temple.

·         God's purpose was to restore, to rebuild His house and fill it with glory.

·         God's people all knew this was the purpose of God.


            (v2) a) Don't put off serving Christ.  

·        “Time not yet” - people looked at circumstances and put it off.

·        They id not say the work should happen.                     

·        They made excuses – the real issue, they were unwilling.


                   b)  Make the Purpose of God Central to your Life.

·        Neglected building the House of God so can have time and money for self.   

·        Excused self from commitment – Family!, Children!, Business!


                  c)  Consequence of wrong Priorities – Frustration.(v7-10)

·        The Focus of every person was on own life, desires.

·        The Result was lack of “dew of Heaven” = anointing, blessing God.

·        Lack of fruit – worked but never seem to have enough.(v6)

·        When neglecting God's home – our own home suffers.

·        When committed to the purpose of God, then blessing, fruitful of Haggai 2:19    






30 November 2003                                                          2                                                       Keys to producing Fruit #5

                                                                                                                                                 Neither Barren Nor Unfruitful



3. Develop Your Personal life to Become Fruitful.


    Matthew 12:35 Good man out of Good treasure of heart brings forth good things.


·         Treasure = accumulation of things you place value upon.

·         Treasure of your heart can be Bad eg. Bitter, or Good eg. Love.

·         As you develop your inner life your outer life alters.


    2 Peter 1:5-11 


·         Directive – Make it a priority to develop your personal life.(v5)

·        “Give Diligence” = 4710 = to make an effort, apply self, use speed.

·        Add to your faith – work on growing your personal life: It's 'finish'.



7 Qualities to Culturate to make you fruitful:


i)  Virtue                      =  703             =    Manliness, strength or courage, can do attitude.

                                                   Attitude to challenges of life – courageous.

(ii) Knowledge            = 1108            =  Experiential knowledge gained by study, applicate.

                                                    Attitude to hearing the Word/ Principles of God.

(iii)Temperance                       = 1466           =  Self control, to be strong, to have mastery.

                                                   Attitude to self – maintaining balance in life.

(iv) Patience               = 5281            = To endure difficulties with an optimistic, positive attitude                                                               without  becoming negative or complaining.

                                                    Attitude to pressure/difficulties.

(v) Godliness              = 2150             =  Personal reverence for Christ.

                                                    Attitude to Prayer.

(vi) Brotherly Love     =  5360           =  Kinsman and the Family of God.

                                                     Attitude to Christians, Local Church.

(vii)  Love                   =     26             =  Sacrificed Serving.

                                                     Attitude to obeying the Word of God and serving people.



The Result of Lacking these things:


1)  'Blind'         = 5185 =  To envelope with smoke, high-minded, be lifted up with pride.

                                        No clear vision of purpose of God.

                                        Shortsightedness – living for the day – can see big picture.

2)  'Forgotten'             =  Ungrateful

                                        Taking Christ for granted.


The Result of Obedience:


1)  'Not barren'           - Busy                         2)  'Not fall'     -  Stable

3)  'Not Unfruitful        - Productive                4)  Abundant entrance to the Kingdom  - Fulfilling