12 October 2003                                                 1                                             Motivation for a Lifetime #3



                               Motivation for a Lifetime #3



1.    Introduction:


Ephesians 2:8  “By grace are you saved through faith – it is the gift of God.”


·         Your believe determines your Destination – where you will spend eternity.

·         Your behavior determines you reward – how you will spend eternity.

·         Every behavior must appear before judgment seat of Christ.  (2 Corinthians5:10)

·         Every behavior will receive a reward according to works you you did.

·         Every believers work will be tested:  Does it qualify for a reward?

·         3 Areas tested(i) Relationship   (ii) Motive   (iii) Love


Luke 16:8  “Commended unjust servant - 'Done wisely', Planned for future.”  



2.    Basis for a Reward:


·         What does Christ take into account in determining your reward?

  (i)    Productivity – How much did you accomplish for Christ?  (Luke 19: Pounds)

           (ii)   Capacity  - How much gifting/capacity/potential? (Matthew 25: Talents)       

           (iii)  Opportunity – What opportunities was given?


·         Most Christians Hold  to wrong believes concerning future reward.

           (i)   Even tho God gave gifts/talents – not concerned of don't develop & apply.

           (ii)   If God reward us it will only be a general commendation that apply equality to

                  everyone – won't have any effect on future opportunities.

           (iii)  If you do not serve with God for what He has given – the worst will happen = no


           (iv)  In heaven everyone is equal.



3.    Productivity Determines Reward:


      Parable of the pounds:  Luke 19:11-27


(a) The purpose of the parable:  * Told because of expectancy among disciples.

          (i)   Expected Christ to come in Kingdom and Glory now – Truth & Delay.

   (ii)   “Expected”  became following Christ, all have positions of glory and honor    

          Truth: Must trade – be productive for Christ.


(b) Overview of Parable:  * The parable is broken into several distinct parts.

        (i)  Commission of servants.                      (ii)  Master leaves

   (iii) The opportunity of the servants.          (iv)   The Master returns

   (v)  Servants rewarded.                             (vi)   Enemies punished.                 


(c) The Noble Man:

·         Noble Man = man of high truth, born in important family.

·         Entitled by his birth, who He is to a Kingdom.

·         “Noble Man” is Jesus Christ  (Philippians 2:8-10)

·         “Far Country” is Heaven itself  (1 Peter 3:22)

·         “And to Return”, Jesus will return again  (Acts 1:11



12 October 2003                                                   2                                            Motivation for a Lifetime #3




(d) The Servants (v13):


·         “Called his ten servants.”

·         Ten => the fullness, the complete number => all his servants.

·         Servant  => Doulos – Bond servant employed by the master.

·         “Romans 6:22”  - Now being made free from sin & become the servants of God.

·         Every Christian is called into service for Christ.

·         Volunteer = one who donates his service & then withdraw when wants to.

·         Called => this is your destiny, purpose – why you are on earth.

·         “1 Corinthians 6:19-20” You are not your own – you are bought with a price.



(e) The Commission/opportunity (v13):


·         Ten pounds  - each servant was given or entrusted the SAME AMOUNT.

·         What they received came from the Master – belonged to him – same anointing.

·         How they applied themselves determined the outcome of their serving.

·         “Opportunity” = your life = your chance to succeed/ fail in stewardship.

·         Commission = “Occupy” = 4231 = to busy yourself, to trade with goods.

  = command,  not a suggestion  = to continually practice . (1 Peter 4:10, 1 Corinthians 12:7)

·         Spend your life increasing the Masters Kingdom.

·         You are commissioned to manage a valuable asset = “Your Life”.

·         Manages your life so that the Masters Kingdom extends.

  NB:  It's not about “Attending” meetings or about “Volunteering”.

·         Gained by trading  = 1281 = to earn a profit by trading.

·         Since the Master is not present – Good stewardship requires FAITH.

  Faith  (i)   He will return.  

            (ii)  He will reward – what he has asked us to do will matter.

·         “1 Corinthians 4:2”  Moreover required of steward  - man be found faithful.

·         Note: 2 Groups of people left behind.         

  (i)  Servants.           

  (ii)  EnemiesHated; refused his reign/Lordship.



(f)  The Master Returns (v15):


·         He commanded those servants to be called to Him.

·         All servants summoned – give account of stewardship - “How Productive?”

·         The purpose of the giving account is to qualify for a reward.

·         How mush has the kingdom of God extended through what you have done?



(g) The Servants Rewarded (v16-26):


    (i)  Servants 1 & 2


·          Both made gain but not the same productivity (10 pounds; 5 pounds)

·          Both acknowledge their obligation to the master (“Your pound”)

·          One servant apply himself more diligently, made more effort and way more productive.

·          The reward was in proportion on how productive.

·          There are degrees of reward in heaven – one defers from the other.

·          All in heaven filled with joy, presence of God but will be positioned differently.

·          Reward for service “authority over cities”. Ruling is the greatest form of serving.


12 October 2003                                                  3                                             Motivation for a Lifetime #3




    (ii)  3rd Servant


·          Acknowledge the pound came from the master. (your pound)

·          Did not trade, made no gain, was not productive, preserved pound.

·          No real effort, passion, concern, risk taking to advance the kingdom.

·          Tried to justify his behavior.

·          Master rebuke and response:

    (i)  “Wicked” = do have a hurtful or harmful effect on others.  Failure to make active use of 

           giftings has harmful  effect on motivation of others.

    (ii)  “Take from him” = Lost the opportunity to serve and suffer loss .  Pound/opportunity  

            was given to the servant who gained 10 pounds.


     (iii)  Objection made by Disciples:


·          Not fair or equal to take 1 from servant and give to one who have 10.

·          Human reasoning.


     (iv)  Answer:


·          Productivity by servants is rewarded.

·          The one who was most productive with one pound will also be with other.

·          The teaching of the parable is on need be productive & reward given.



(h)  The Enemies Punished:


      (v 27)  'My enemies'


·          These hated him and he refused his reign over them.

·          These are people who resist Christ & his right to rule over them.

·          “2 Thessalonian 1:7-8”  Lord Jesus revealed – taking vengeance on these that know not                                                       God and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

·          2 Peter 2:7” -  the day the judgment and perdition of ungodly men.



The Clear Teaching of this Parable:


(i)  “Wicked “= to have a hurtful or harmful effect on others.  Failure to make active use of gifting have harmful effect on motivation of others.

(ii) “Take from him” = Lost the opportunity to serve.  Suffer loss.  Pound/Opportunity was given to the servant who gained 10 pounds.

(iii)Productivity is rewarded by Christ.

(iv)                                      All believers are servants of Christ.

(v) All believers are fulltime ministers of Christ and expected to advance his kingdom.