21 September 2003



                               Motivation for a Lifetime #2  



1.    Introduction:


Ephesians 2:8-10      “By Grace are you saved thru faith – not of works”.

                                   We are His workmanship created .. - unto good works.


·         Your believe determines your destination – where you will spend eternity.

i)  Your are saved from eternal judgment by faith.

ii)  Not one work you do contributes to this salvation – it is a free gift.

iii)  Personal faith in Christ and His work + results in personal salvation.


·         Your behavior (works) determines your Reward – How you will spend eternity.

i)  God's purpose for your life is that you accomplish worthwhile works.

ii)  God has planned unique works for you to accomplish – Advanced Kingdom.

iii)  This is a walk – a lifestyle of work on behalf of Christ.

iv)  Matthew 16:27  “Christ will Reward everyman according  to his work of service”.

v)  What you do now – your works determine your reward.


·         Titus 3:5  Affirm constantly that they which have believed in God (Christ) be careful to                          maintain good works – profitable => heap up .


2.    God is a Rewarder :


a) Jesus council to the Pharisee


Luke 14:12-14  Jesus explain how to obtain eternal reward in Heaven.

·        Advice – Invite people who are unable to repay you.

·        ie. Do activities that benefit people who cannot repay you.

·        Result:      * You will be repaid by God.

* That payment is after you are dead.

*  You will be blessed.

·       There is a reward obtained in eternity that lasts for eternity.

·       Recomperse = 467 to give back in return for something done.


b) Moses was moivated by Reward


·       Hebrews 11:24-27 – he had respect for the recompense of the reward.

·       Respect  = 578 =  apoblepõ  = to look away from everything else, intently regard.

·       Recompersed  reward  = 3406 =  misthapodotace – 2 words together.

         Misthos        = wages, pay given as result of work done.

         Apodidomai  = to give back in return, recompence for something done.

·       By faith – Moses trusted in the character and word of God

Hebrews 11:6   God is a rewarder 3406 – one who gives wages in return for activities done to advance His kingdom.

·       Moses:       *  Refused to identify with Egypt,  it's values &  lifestyle.

*  Chose to identify with the purpose & people of God.

*  Rejected temporary riches in favor of eternal riches.

*  Endured difficulty because motivated by eternity.









3.   God Rewards your Work not your intention:


a)    All believers must appear before Christ for judgment.

  Romans 14:10    We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

We shall all give account to what we have done.


·       Judgment seat  = “Bema” = step, = raised place or platform reached by steps.

=  Place of justice, authority, reward.

·       The issue for a Christian is not Salvation – it is Reward!

·       2 Corinthians 5:10  “Must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ”.

·      Everyone => every believer, every follower of Jesus Christ.

·       Every believer will give account of works – what did you do?

·      Every believer will receive based on how entitled to receive.


  b) Every believer will receive a reward according to his labor.

1 Corinthians 3:8


·       Reward =  3409  =  Misthos =    pay given because work done, entitled to the person.

·       Labor    =  2873  =  Kapos   =    toil that results in weariness because of it's demanding                                               and difficult nature.

·       This refers to work done in partnership and relationship with God that is focused upon   extending His kingdom and interests.

·       God expects every believer to contribute to the building up of people.

·       This work of building believers is a “labor” - demanding and difficult.

·       God will examine and reward what every believer has built.



4.   Every believer's Work must be Tested – Does it qualify for a Reward?


1 Corinthians 3:13-15  Reward – or Suffer Loss


·       Every mans work will be  i)  “Made manifest”- brought out in the open.

             ii)  Put to the test – what sort it is .


·       Revealed =  601  =  to take of the cover, disclose,

·       “Gold Standard” applied  -  what is the core value of this work.

·       3 Fold test: 

      i)  Test of Relationship:

·       Are these activities/work s birthed out of relationship & obedience,

·       John 15:5  - Abide in Me`, bring forth much fruit.

·       Matthew 7:22  Workers of iniquity => act independent, “without law”

“never knew “ => never had intimate relationship that brought forth approval.

ii)   Test of Motive:

·       Matthew 6:1-2  - works done to be “seen by men” = gain personal advantage.

·       Why were these things done?  Honor Christ?  Gain approval?

iii)  Test love:

·       1 Corinthians 13:3  - without love – profits me nothing!

·       Love => acting without being selfish for best interests of others. 

·        Consequence: suffer loss (of reward) – gain reward – all eternity! Revelation 22!