26 October 2003                                                  1                                              Keys to Producing Fruit #1




                            Keys to Producing Fruit #1


1.     Introduction:


       Luke 19:13 -  He called His 10 servants & delivered to them 10 pounds and said unto them:

                             “Occupy till I come”


·         Every believer is a full time servant  of the Lord entrusted with gifts/reserves.

·         (v 13) “Occupy” = 4231 = To trade, to busy oneself, to repeatedly perform action.

·         Christ's clear commandment is  that each believer is productive in extending His Kingdom.

·         (v 15)  “How much every man had gained by trading”.

·         “Trading” implies  * Initiative   * Effort   * Risk   * Perseverance.

·         Every believer is expected to be fruitful, productive and will be rewarded for it.

·         John 15:16 – “Chosen you ...... go and bring forth fruit & that fruit should remain”.

                         It is part of God's design & purpose that each believer be fruitful/productive.

                         When a fruit tree does not bear fruit – something is wrong!



2.     Fruit is the expression of Health and Life:


a)  The Fruit reveals the RootMatthew 12:33  “....a tree is known by his fruit”:


·         People tend to blame others or circumstances for what is happening in their life.

·         You bring forth of what is within you:

   Eg:    Rejection;    Bitterness;    Hate;    Contention;    Strife

   If these are continually present around you they probably reflect what is operating      

                      within you ie.  a fruit!

·         (v 35Treasure   =  accumulation of things you value, hold onto.

                              =  thoughts, beliefs, attitudes you draw from as you face life.

·         Circumstances do not control you – what is in you heart does.

·         Heart of man => soul, spirit.

·         Change what is happening within you, then what is happening around you will change  


·         God's way of changing people is to change the heart of man.

·         John 3:3  - You must be born again – born by the Spirit of God.

·         It is the Spirit of God within a man that enables change to occur.



b)  Two Kinds of Fruit God looks for:


i)  Internal – Development of a Godly Character.  Ephesians 2:10 – “His workmanship”


·        Galatians 5:22 “Now the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering,     

                                                  gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.

·        These are fruit of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

·        These are expressions of His life and native.

·        These have a internal source – they come of yielding to obey the Holy Spirit.









26 October 2003                                                   2                                              Keys to Producing Fruit #1




ii)  External – Good Works.  Ephesians 2:10


·        Titus 3:14  “And let ours also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent

                                            needs, that they may not be unfruitful.

·        Galatians 6:10 “As we have opportunity let us do good to all men, especially

                                                  unto them who are of the household of faith.

·        Believers who are not active in serving are unfruitful/unproductive.

·        Good works  =>  (a)  Acts of Kindness

                             (b)  Generosity – giving

                             (c)  Serving people

                             (d)  Sharing the Gospel

                             (e)  Meeting needs

·        These are the overflow of an abundant inner life.



3.     The Word of God is essential to Fruit bearing:


       Mark 4: Parable of the sower and the Seed.


·         Everything that is a seed has potential  to bring forth fruit.

·         Everything God does is by sowing seed – word of God.

·         (v 14)  The Seed  =  Word of God.

             The Soil    =  The heart of man (soul & spirit).

·         100 Fold harvest  =  the best possible harvest that could be obtained in those circumstances.

·          3 Keys to bringing forth fruit:


(1)Recognize opposition and overcome it:


                                   a) Satan          - demonic spirits come immediately to take away the seed.

                                                           - write down what God has said so that you don't forget it.

                                   b) World          - pressures arise eg. Affliction, persecution on you. 

                                                             Obey the word of God.

                                                           - Meditate on the word and hold onto it in your heart.

                                   c)  Flesh          - distractions enter in, cares, financial concern, lusts.

                                                           - keep life focused and single minded.


(2)Be filled and led by the Holy Spirit:


·         (v21) Candle – Jesus talks about the candle – this is not another teaching      

   but part of the same teaching on being fruitful.

·         Proverbs 20:27   'The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord.

·         To harvest you must have a spirit filled, spirit directed life.

·         Your spirit life must not be hidden but in a place of leadership.

·         Candlestick is an elevated place, not concealed and gives light.

·         Strong prayer life – respond to promptings and leadings of the Holy Spirit.                                       

                        (3)Use what you have:


·         (v 23-25)  How you apply what God has entrusted determines if you going 

            to get more.

·         eg. Exodus 4:2  “What is that you have your hand?”  eg. 2 Kings 4:2                                                                                           eg. John 6:9

·         Apply what you have and expect more.