Encounters With God





-          Fresh awe, respect & revelation of God, ministry flow changes.


             Look at those who encountered God, find 4 fundamental things:


  1. Example of Jacob


Genesis 32:6-7.20-31         Key :  Desperate Desire


                        To express you desire is to open your heart & soul towards a person.


In Asia, Indonesia, when they have a incurable disease or facing Muslim Mob a cry of desperation goes up to God.  In N.Z. we turn to doctors etc.  – Not desperate!!



§  V27    “What is your name?”  God forces him in the encounter to face aspects of his character & change

§  Result: 

                                (i) Change in Name             (ii)  Change in Circumstances – favor.





2.   Example of Elija


      Key = Focus


1 Kings 18: 21  “ How long halt between two options” i.e. Double mindedness.  Don’t try to have a bit of both.  If Jesus Christ is Lord, serve Him passionately, with all your heart, single-minded devotion.


(i)            The place of consecration, devotion, meeting with God

(ii)           The focal point for encounter with Him


                       All access to the realm of the Spirit requires focus.

(i)            Renewal of Christ as the center of life – Word of God

Removal of things that clutter and seek attention (news, T.V. etc) 


Focus all your energy and attention, put it in one point, connect.  Undivided attention releases a flow from your spirit.

Many are undisciplined in mind.  Take a scripture – picture, meditate, feel and allow the cries of your heart to come up.



3.   Example of David


       Key = “Sacrifice”


1 Chronicles 21:24-26  “I will not offer burnt offerings without cost” – full price.



-          Jakarta.  A young man killed – wife attended - 1000 souls in nine months.  We want     “McChristianity” ,”McPower” -  Easy and Instant! 

-          Need to pay a price, have a love for people/commit to prayer and fasting.


§  v.26 Fire from Heaven.  (Can get mightily delivered and set free)









4.   Example of Jesus. 


      Key = “Persevere with Expectancy”


      Luke 4:1-2  “Jesus extended prayer and fasting”  (Luke 5:16,17 & 6:12) and spiritual   warfare.   


§  There is always strong resistance to encounter with God.  Temptation, Fasting - Connection?  Fasting is the mightiest possible preparation for the soul to ensure victory over temptation & also to remedy weak faith. (Mal 17: 19-21)

§  Daniel 10:12-13   21 Days of connection with the Spirit.  Daniel persevered in faith to receive supernatural breakthrough.

§  Don’t worry if it gets much worse before it gets better.  Push against the demonic attack; place a demand on the Holy Spirit for something to happen. God comes to that!

§  Jesus returned in Power.  There is no record of Christ healing the sick, or performing any miracle until after He had fasted.


Begin to dream what life would be like after a breakthrough. What could God put into your spirit, if you decided:  “I want Him more than anything?”