21 December 2003                                                           1                                                           Emmanuel – God with us





                                 Emmanuel – God with us




1. Introduction:


(a)  God's Original PlanGenesis 1:27-28  “Make Man in Our Image”


·         Man in the Image and likeness of God.

·         Man in Relationship, enjoying the presence of God.

·         Man expressing God's Image/Life/Character.

·         Man living in external purpose of God


(b)  Consequence of Disobedience/Independence:


·         Man lost,          Presence God                       - Alone!

·         Man lost,          Peace God                            - Guilt, shame, fear, covering

                                                                                  - Sickness, death

·         Man lost,          Purpose God                         - Live for self – selfish




2.  God's plan for Reconciliation:


·         Reconciliation             =  Bring back together two people separated – broken relationship.  

                                   =  Remove hatred, anger, hostility.



(a)  Jesus – Emmanuel – God with us.


            Matthew 1:23 “Virgin with child – Emmanuel = God with us.


·         Supernatural Intervention of God in Mankind – Hope!

            Emmanuel:  Jesus came to “make God known”. 


·         Presence of God   -  What God is like – character, love, holiness.

·         Power of God        -  Meeting needs of people – healing, deliverance, words.

·         Purpose of God     -  Reconcile man to walk in the will of God.


·         Emmanuel: Jesus came to reconcile man with God.


·         Reconcile – remove the hatred, anger, and hostility.

·         Sin brought about the entrance of this hostility.

·         Jesus represented us a paid penalty to reconcile us.

·         Invitation to all man – be reconciled with God.  



             Collations 1:19-22   “Having made peace through the cross”.








21 December 2003                                                           2                                                          Emmanuel – God with us





(b)  Two Responses:


            (i)  Response of Unbelief - Luke 1:18-20  How can this be possible?”


·         Unbelief

·         Trying to work it out

·         Resist to the plan of God


            (ii)  Response of faithLuke 1:34  “How will it happen?”


·         Faith

·         Acceptance of the Word of God

·         Yielded to the will and plan of God

·         Become a person who brought forth the presence of God in her day


(c)  The Church – The Temple of God – God with us.


  1 Corinthians 6:19    “Don't you know your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit?”


             (i)  Personal Responses:


·         Presence of God          - What God is like – Life/Character

·         Power of God               - Meeting needs of people - healing, deliverance, word

·         Purpose of God            - Reconciling Man – Personal Evangelist


             (ii)  Corporate Body:


        1 Corinthians 12:18-21  “God has sel members, everyone in the Body” 

                                                        Local Church = Practical Expression of the Body of Christ.


·         Sel = 5087 = appoint, commission, purpose, place into function.


·        Presence of God      - What God is Like – Life/Character 

·        Power of God           - Meeting needs of people - healing, deliverance, word

·        Purpose of God        - Reconciling Man – Great Commission


(d)  Two Possible Responses:


            Response of Unbelief                        -  How can this be?

            Response of Faith                  -  Be it unto me according to the Word.


·        Faith

·        Acceptance of the Word of God

·        Yielded to the will/plan of God

·        Become a person who brings forth the presence of God today