2 November 2003                                                  1                                       Keys to Producing Fruit #2

                                                                                                                                                             Fruit – Much Fruit




                                Keys To Producing Fruit #2

                                                   Fruit – Much Fruit



1.   Introduction:


·       Every believer is called to be fruitful, productive for Christ.

·       John 15:16  “I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit.

  “Chosen”    = 1586 =  to select out from a great group.

  “Ordained”  = 5087 =  to appoint, commission, purpose, set in place.

  “Go”            = 5147 =  to lead under, to go without noise => initiate action.

·       Fruit = (a)  Fruit of the Spirit – godly character & spiritual maturity. 

                                                    Galatians 5:22  Love, joy, peace .....

                (b)  Advance the Kingdom of God – make disciples of Jesus Christ.

                                                                        Matthew 28:19  Go – make disciples.

·       No place be neutral – we either gather with Christ of scatter.  (Matthew 12:30)



2.   Three levels of Producing:


    John 15:1-7  “I am the true vine – my Father is the husbandman.


·       Jesus uses agriculture to illustrate how fruit bearing occurs.

·       Picture:      {Vine                           =  Jesus.

{Branch                      =  Believer – joined to Christ.

{Husbandman             =  Father.

·       Note that there are 4 different types of branches mentioned:

       (i)   Branch in me that bears not fruit. (v2)

  (ii)  Branch in me that bears fruit. (v2)

  (iii) Branch that abides bears much fruit. (v5)

  (iv) Branch not abide – withered = no vitality, energy, life. (v6)

·       God addresses each of the different types of believers differently.



3.   The Non Fruit bearing Branch (v2):


·       v2   “Every branch in me that bears not fruit he takes away.”

·       This reverse to the believer - “branch in me.”

·       The believer is not flourishing or bearing fruit.

·       All it's focus is on staying alive – surviving!

·       'Takes away' = 142 = airo = to lift up, to take up, to remove.

·       God is patient, longing for us to produce (James 5:7)

·       God uses people to connect with the non producing believer:


(i)  Encourage that person.

·        Non producing branch is normally lying on the ground.

·        People need  others to come alongside and encourage, strengthen.

·        Barnabas encouraged Paul and connected him (Acts 9:27)

              (ii)  Connect that person to strong believers.

·        Connect to other on fire believers (cell group)

·        Help connect them back to the Lord and prayer life going.

·        Speak words of encouragement. (Proverbs 1)

·        Proverbs 12:25  “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers   

                                                    him up.”


2 November 2003                                                            2                                                          Keys to producing fruit #2

                                                                                                                                                              Fruit – Much fruit




4.   The Fruit Bearing Branch (v2):


·       (v2) “Every branch that bears fruit he prunes it that may bring forth more fruit.

·       When fruit bearing branches are pruned they grow vigorously and flourish.

·       “Purge” = 2508 = to cleanse, to prune, to cut back.

·       God uses His word to prune, cleanse your life.

·       “Word I have spoken” => fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit, rhema!


How does God prune us?

   i) Witness of the Spirit                       - grieved, something wrong.

  ii) Word of God                                  - Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin; change.

 iii) Friends speaking truth                   - especially spouse, parent.

 iv) People in authority correct            - workplace, leader.

  v) Circumstances difficult                  - conflict, pain, frustration.

 vi) Consequences of sin                     - pain, weakness, sickness.

·                The goal is always the same – to make us more fruitful by:

               a)  Correction  - train, turn back, adjust what is wrong

        b)  Separation  - from harmful influences eg. Genesis 22:7/14


    How should we respond?


        Hebrews 11:5-11   “Chastening ...afterward yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto 

                                     them excused by it”.


·               Notice the key instructions on how to handle chastening.

·               Chastening = 3811 = paideuõ = to train up a child, discipline.

·               (v5) “Don't despise it“                         - have little regard, resist.

·               (v5) ”Don't faint under it”                    - quit or give up.

·               (v6) “Endure it”                                   - Stay firmly in place of faith, confident in God.

·               How you respond to God determines whether you become more productive.

(a)  Resist::     * Deny there's a problem.     * Pretend to change.   

                                   * Blame shift.                        * Attack the messenger.          (1 Samuel 15)

                                   * Justify self.                         * Withdraw, offended.                 (King Saul)


           (b)  Receive:     * Listen for the inward voice of the Holy Spirit.

                                    * Take personal responsibility.                                            (1Cronicles 21-22)

                                    * Command to change.                                                                 (David)


·                         Proverbs 1:23  “If you have responded at my rebuke, I would have poured out my Heart                                  (Spirit) to you and made my thoughts (words) known to you”.